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Proof of Friendship Protocol

Launching Onchain Hugs by ChrisCoCreated and J. Valeska

This post was originally published on Bat-Signal by J. Valeska
CoCreated subscribers can send a hug for free (and CoLaborators get 10)

The Onchain Hugs artwork uses the Proof of Friendship protocol to create a unique pair of NFTs featuring two people who sign as friends onchain.

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How Proof of Friendship works?

Proof of Friendship is a protocol that utilizes the Base blockchain and Farcaster frames technology to create a secure, transparent, and verifiable way of symbolizing and solidifying friendships in the digital age by recording an onchain proof.

  1. The protocol is initiated in an interactive cast, or "frame," on a Farcaster social media client, such as Warpcast. When an user interacts with the Onchain Hugs frame, the frame prompts the user to pay for the creation of 2 Onchain Hugs NFTs, whose serve as a unique representation of the friendship. The user can select the colors and preview the NFT.

    1. Typing the username of the intended friend, and optionally adding the colors.

    2. Putting it onchain by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

  2. The user then shares a link to their personalized Hug Frame with their intended friend. This link serves as an invitation for their friend to participate in the protocol.

  3. When the intended friend interacts with the Hug Frame, they confirm their acceptance of the friendship Onchain Hugs NFT. This confirmation is recorded on the blockchain through a smart contract, which mints the unique digital asset with verifiable ownership.

  4. Both the user and the recipient receive a copy of the Hug NFT, customized through the Hug Frame's interactive features, as a tangible representation of their friendship.

The Proof of Friendship protocol leverages the inherent benefits of blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and verifiable method of symbolizing friendships in the digital age. The resulting Onchain Hugs NFTs are unique, customizable, and serve as a lasting proof of their friendship.

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