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Common Ground: Bridging the Divide through Open and Honest Dialogue

Exploring the Complexities of Faith and Belief in a Diverse World

As a grandfather, father of six adult children, and someone who has experienced the complexities of navigating conflicting beliefs, I have come to understand the importance of having open and honest conversations with people of different faiths and beliefs. That is why I have created Common Ground, a blog that aims to provide a safe space for young adults who are struggling to navigate the conflicts that arise when discussing societal issues with friends who have different beliefs.

My unique family background also includes a diverse range of opinions on religion and faith. I was raised by a Methodist mother, Jewish father, and later, an atheist step-mother. I married an amazing woman that was raised Catholic and admittedly couldn't tell you the difference between the old and new testament. As I grew older, I also discovered my Mormon birth parents, adding even more complexity to my understanding of faith and belief. These differing viewpoints taught me the importance of empathy, respect, and open-mindedness when it comes to discussing and navigating these complex issues. It's a lesson that has stayed with me throughout my life and one that I hope to share with my children and others through this blog.

In addition, as a married father of six adult children, I am constantly learning from and inspired by them as they also navigate life in this complex world. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences have given me a deeper appreciation for the importance of seeking common ground and finding ways to bridge divides. It is my hope that this blog can be a platform for us all to learn from one another and work towards a more compassionate and understanding world.

Through my own experiences and those of my children, I have seen firsthand the power of dialogue in helping to bridge the gap between people of different belief systems. As a Christian, I understand the fear of being wrong or ostracized when discussing religion with non-believers. As a mathematician and believer in the scientific method, I am often at odds with my own thoughts about the bible. That is why Common Ground is designed to be a platform for open and honest communication, where we can all learn from one another and grow in our understanding of different perspectives.

In this blog, we will explore a variety of topics related to faith and belief, including the challenges of discussing faith with non-believers, the importance of respect and empathy in these conversations, and the value of seeking common ground.

But this blog is not just about me sharing my own experiences and insights. I also hope to learn from my own children and from other young adults navigating life in this complex world. As a father and grandfather, I am constantly learning from those around me and I believe that through sharing our stories and experiences, we can all grow in our understanding of one another and the world around us.

So join me on this journey of discovery, as we explore the power of dialogue and work to bridge the divide between people of different faiths and beliefs. Together, we can build a more compassionate and understanding world.

PS. Happy Easter for those who believe in such miracles.

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