Web3 Game Review #13: Delysium

An open-world MMO battle royale experience with interactive AI-powered virtual beings that allows players to build their own tokenomics

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of Web3 Game Review, where I share my unbiased analysis on Web3 games, from a retail investor / gamer's perspective.

Our template will be as follows:
๐Ÿ“ Overview
๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ Founding Team
๐Ÿค Advisors and Partners
๐Ÿ“ˆ Tokenomics
๐Ÿ›ฃ Roadmap
๐Ÿ‚ Why I'm bullish

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. Nothing in this article is financial advise. Invest at your own risk!



Delysium is an AI-powered open world with diverse free-to-own universes, featuring private servers with fully customizable tokenomics and on-chain assets. It's core gameplay is a Battle Royale mode similar to Fortnite and Apex Legends. Each game is composed of 42 players, divided into teams of 3. The last man or squad standing wins.

While traditional games consist of 1 experience layer (actual gameplay), 1 data layer (behavioral data of gamers), and a single incentive layer (economic activities); Delysium offers several diverse incentive layers in the same [battle royale] game. Holding a Delysium Multiverse License NFT (DML) allows anyone to create their own world by being a Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO). DMOs work with the Delysium Team to co-produce a variety of gameplay experiences, on its own on-chain incentive layer in any L1 or L2.

Although there are multiple Delysium Universes making up the Delysium Multiverse, the success and prosperity of each Universe contributes to the growth of the entire ecosystem. Community really plays a big role in the success of each Universe, as the "Prosperity Algorithm" that Delysium has designed considers both the Staking Contribution Factor and Activity Contribution Factor. The former covers indicators like TVL, total number of active DMAs, and period of $AGI staked by all users; while the latter covers the total asset trading volume, total number of registered users, and total monthly active users. The more promising the Universe is, the more supporters there will be, and the more likely they'll stake their $AGI to support the DMOs and gain rewards at the same time.

Delysium Multiverse License NFTs

The supply of the DML NFT is limited to 100, and will be launching on Immutable X via free mint. Holders need to lock their DML NFT, and a portion of $AGI as a security deposit in order to become a DMO. The Delysium Team will provide DMOs customizable in-game assets, an Open Data API for obtaining player statistics, and an API for customizing rules for the distribution of incentives. They will also be the one in charge of maintaining the united game server and ensuring that the Universes built by DMOs collectively create a better experience. Some of the components that DMOs could customize include characters, weapons, building mechanics, battle pass, L1 / L2 tokens, stablecoins, and even the wallet for login system and user account. There will be a 50-50 revenue share between the DMO and the Delysium Team in order to maintain the game server, continuously iterate on building more game modes, and improve the overall gaming experience.

Note that the amount of $AGI and period of DML locked varies for different durations or validity period:

6 months validity: Minimum 100,000 USDC worth of $AGI, DML NFT locked for 180 days continuously
12 months validity: Minimum 200,000 USDC worth of $AGI, DML NFT locked for 360 days continuously
18 months validity: Minimum 250,000 USDC worth of $AGI, DML NFT locked for 540 days continuously
24 months validity: Minimum 300,000 USDC worth of $AGI, DML NFT locked for 720 days continuously

AI MetaBeings

AI-generated content is one of the foundations of the Delysium Metaverse. Delysium harnesses the power of AI for creating dynamic personalized experiences for players through AI. AI MetaBeings are AI-powered NPCs that can talk as companion, interact based on their unique characteristics, and play the game and earn rewards. The skill level and conversational model will be highly influenced by the player's input.

The capabilities of AI MetaBeings are no different from normal players, as they can also earn income, hold their own assets, and automatically participate in game modes. They are also granted private property rights. These are all made possible thanks to their complete neural brain system, which has different modules on conversation, behavior (based on deep reinforcement learning and scripts), and voice and text-to-speech.

Founding Team

The only team member they disclosed is their Executive Producer Bo Mei, a veteran in the games industry with over 10+ years of experience in game production, publishing, strategy, and general management. He is a former Senior Manager Product Management and Lead Producer at Riot. Bo is joined by seasoned games industry veterans from Ubisoft, EA, Scopely, Kabam, Xsolla, and more.

Delysium is incubated by rct AI, an AI-solutions provider specifically for games. It is based in Beijing and Los Angeles, and is an alumnus of Y Combinator Winter 2019.

Advisors and Partners

Delysium has successfully raised $10 million in a strategic funding round led by Anthos Capital with participation from Immutable, Leonis Capital, Blockchain Coinvestors, Plancker DAO, GSR, Antalpha Ventures, Formless Capital, and Perion.

Their Web3 gaming partners include ASL Guild, Axie Guild, Babymoon Gaming House, Blockraiders, Carv, Crime Gang, CuttoWinCrypto, Everyrealm, Dynamite Guild Gaming, Metasense DAO, EMC Gaming, GamerSpeak, HorizonGG, Hunter TV, Liberty Guild, IndiGG, M3TA, Mad Monkey Guild, MetaFi, Method Meta Guild, Owkay Gaming, PlayNity, Prominence Games, Real Player DAO, Skida Guild, X8 Guild, and XGG.


The $AGI token will have a total fixed supply of 3 billion, issued by the Delysium team. DMOs, however, can issue multiple tokens.


โœ… Q4 2021: Public announcement, and launch of Discord community
โœ… Q1 2022: Public sale of several batches of collectibles and weapon NFTs
โœ… Q2 2022: Pre-alpha launch
โœ… Q3 2022: Delysium Multiverse, Decentralized Game Publishing
โœ… Q4 2022: Delysium Season 1
โฌœ Q1 2022: Start of Universe operations for DMOs

Why I'm Bullish

Intelligent AI-powered NPCs. The Delysium team gives emphasis on AI-generated content as one of the foundations of their Metaverse. Delysium harnesses the power of AI for creating dynamic personalized experiences for players through AI-powered NPCs. These NPCs are granted private property rights, and can earn income, hold their own assets, and automatically participate in game modes, just like a normal player. This is an interesting feature as players will not feel that they are playing with just the usual in-game bots that are generic and not intelligent. Sometimes, the gaming experience is ruined by the generic NPCs as they are fixed, repetitive, and unresponsive. With AI-powered NPCs, the gaming experience is elevated as users get to interact with diverse, intelligent, receptive, and dynamic NPCs, constantly evolving, learning, and iterating from various interactions with players.

Decentralized game publishing structure. The problem with traditional game publishers, especially the big ones, is that they tend to be monopolistic and oligopolistic in the industry. Since they have a huge user base and robust distribution channels, they greatly influence the types of games that players want, resulting to lack of diversity in gameplay and genre creativity. They also have an unfair advantage over the exclusive data that they have. The eradication of the centralized nature of traditional publishers provides a win-win situation by providing fair and equal incentives for the players, developers, distribution and operation teams, investors, and other participants of the system. Since player data will be available on-chain for everyone to see, the exclusive data advantage of traditional centralized game publishing will no longer exist. Anyone can analyze and derive optimization strategies based on the player data. Developers can also set a variety of incentives, both on-chain and off-chain, to incentivize players to change their behavior in pursuit of the rewards.

Fairness-oriented on-chain incentives mechanism and efficiency-oriented governance and voting mechanism. In order to promote the Decentralized Game Publishing structure, Delysium has created a fairness-oriented on-chain incentives mechanism and an efficiency-oriented governance and voting mechanism. These are made possible by the DMO system and the DMA system, respectively. Players can show their support to their DMOs by staking more $AGI or by holding a Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA). Users are incentivized to stake and hold since a part of the revenue share from the DMOs will be distributed to staking users as rewards. Vote, support, and earn at the same time.

Highly diverse gameplay with scalable free-to-own universes. Operators can define their Universe's own unique characters, weapons, building mechanics, battle pass, L1 / L2 tokens, stablecoins, and even the wallet for login system and user account. There will be various Universes in existence in the future, each with their own on-chain incentive layer. Once the revenue and stats of active users in a Universe reach a certain level and meet specific requirements, the Universe can be upgraded further by means of modifying the numerical balancing, and even creating MODs for their Universes' users in a separate real server. The possibilities are really endless with Delysium.

Twitter Thread

To know more about Delysium, you can reach out to them via the following links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Delysium
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Delysium
Website: https://www.delysium.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.delysium.com/whitepaper

For partnerships and collaborations, please reach out to me via any of the following channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xconglomerate
Discord: https://discordapp.com/users/998408827756093490


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