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Day 4 of the 7 Days of AI Holiday

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GM Craft The Future Community!

Today we are diving into Image to Video using Runway ML! This is going to be exciting because we are taking our last holiday card and bring that image with us for the holiday e-card and bring some real Jolly Spirit.

Runway ML 1st 125 Credits Free

Step 1: Go to

Runway ML has a lot of AI Tools we will be focusing on Gen-2 an Image to Video Generation Model

Step 2: Upload an Image + Description

RunwayML allows for Image Upload as a singular prompt, Image + Description prompting, and they also have tools for camera motion controls, as well as a special motion brush where you can bring motion to specific elements of your photo. For this example we will be focusing on Image + Description

Step 3: Upload your Image with a Description

Description: black Santa and his elves having a jolly time together with the reindeers, 3d pixar style

Step 4: Generate 2-3 times to find a top pick!


AI Image to Video is emerging tech and generations aren't perfect but its still pretty cool that we get to find the 85% there or maybe even 50% there no-code creative solutions for story telling. Join us Day 5 where we learn how we can embed AI music into our holiday e-card!

Day 3: Previous Day of 7 Days of AI Holiday

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