Summerfest Spotlight: Vote for Craft The Future & Embrace Mental Health Awareness

Dive into Summerfest Tech with Craft The Future & Boost Mental Well-being with Our Community Challenges

GM! GM! CTF Community,

Happy Wednesday! From now on, look for our newsletter in your inbox every Wednesday. We're thrilled to have such an incredible community backing us! This month, we're focusing on mental health awareness, recognizing the intense drive and dedication it takes for entrepreneurs and creatives to excel. In exciting news, Craft The Future has been given a fantastic opportunity to feature at Milwaukee's Summerfest Tech Conference. Stay tuned for more details!

Mental Health Awareness Month

Step Up for Self-Care Challenge:

Join us this month in taking actionable steps towards better mental health with our "Step Up for Self-Care" challenge. We encourage each member of our community to pick a daily activity that promote well-being and self-care. Here’s how you can get involved:

Mindful Mondays: Start your week with 10 minutes of meditation or guided breathing each Monday.

Wellness Wednesdays: Dedicate Wednesdays to physical activity—whether it's a walk in the park, a yoga session, or a workout of your choice.

Thoughtful Thursdays: Take time each Thursday to write down three things you’re grateful for.

Social Saturdays: Connect with someone you care about—call a friend, plan a coffee date, or send a thoughtful message.

Share and Inspire: Post your activities on social media to inspire others. Tag Craft The Future and show

By participating, not only will you enhance your own mental well-being, but you'll also help in spreading awareness about the importance of mental health in our high-pressure world. Let’s take this journey together—step by step, day by day, we can make a significant impact on our lives and our community!

Summerfest Tech x Craft The Future – We Need Your Votes!

🌟 Exciting News! Craft The Future is honored to be one of the top 10 community-submitted programming sessions chosen for a potential feature at Summerfest Tech! This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovative approach to no-code creativity on a significant platform.

🗳 Vote Daily to Support Us: Starting this Monday and running through May 24th, we need your help! The public has the chance to vote once a day for their favorite sessions. Your daily votes are crucial for us to make it to the top 4 programming sessions. Cast your vote here: Summerfest Tech Community Voting

📣 Spread the Word: We encourage you to share this voting link across your social media networks to help increase our chances. Remember, the content speaks for itself as speaker names and titles are omitted to focus votes purely on the value of the content.

🚀 Session Spotlight - How to be a No-Code Creative: Join Craft The Future's Founder in exploring how creativity meets technology without the need for complex coding skills. Discover tools and strategies that empower you to bring your innovative ideas to life, seamlessly creating impactful projects in the digital realm. This session is perfect for artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries eager to dive into the no-code revolution and harness the power of technology to transform their creative processes.

🎉 Stay Tuned: We'll announce the top 4 programming session winners after Memorial Day. Your support could make all the difference in bringing our vision to a broader audience at Summerfest Tech.

Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm for Craft The Future. Let’s make this happen together—vote, share, and be part of our journey to innovate and inspire!!

💫 Creative Spotlight: Michael Kirsanov 💫

We are excited to feature Michael Kirsanov, known creatively as Lofi, a visionary blending technology with innate creativity. Michael's journey began in the virtual landscapes of video games, where he navigated complex worlds, igniting a passion that would expand into the realms of technology and innovation. His early exposure to game design and storytelling evolved into a career spanning disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain, as well as ventures into augmented reality and cybersecurity.

Michael’s innovative spirit doesn’t stop at digital technologies; he also co-founded a cosmetics company, pioneering easier-to-clean makeup brushes that showcase his ability to cross industry boundaries. His work today includes developing mobile AR/VR products that allow users to create immersive virtual spaces through their smartphones, demonstrating just how much technology can be condensed into small, powerful experiences. One of his notable projects is a mobile scene editor that extends NativeVision, aimed at creating decentralized augmented reality experiences reminiscent of community-driven games like Pokémon Go but on the blockchain.

As a community-minded innovator, Michael is always open to collaborations that push technological boundaries and empower others to engage with technology meaningfully. He has a particular interest in the educational and therapeutic potentials of new tech, aiming to make complex innovations accessible and enjoyable for everyone. His journey reflects a commitment to continual learning and an unyielding determination to transform both the digital and physical worlds.

Connect with Michael: For those inspired by Michael's journey or interested in potential collaborations, you can reach him through his various platforms. Email him at, connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter or Instagram, and explore his projects on his website. Join us in supporting and learning from one of the vibrant minds in our community!

As we wrap up this newsletter

, thank you for your unwavering support. Remember to vote for us at Summerfest Tech and embrace our mental health awareness initiatives. Your involvement fuels our journey towards a no-code future. Stay tuned for exciting updates, and let’s craft a brilliant future together!

Warmest wishes,

The Craft The Future Team

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