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Guide for a shitcoins gambler. Memecoin to x1000

Everything described below is likely to wipe out your bank. Use at your own peril, risking a couple of percent of your deposit... or go all in, YOLO! The decision is yours.

What do you know about meme coins? Have you heard of Shailushai? Have you at least heard of PEPE? In April 2023, one whale bought PEPE at $250 and a few weeks later exchanged the tokens for $1,000,000. PEPE grew by 21,000%, in a bear market. Did FOMO kick in?

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1. Let's start the search

It's important to understand that the maximum growth occurs in the first minutes after liquidity is poured into the pair. Each person determines the golden mean between research and missed opportunities with 'X' factors, but without a superficial analysis, the chance of earning is close to zero.

Dex Screener is the terminal of swaps, where the journey into the so-called 'fucking deep' begins. The New Pair tab with sorting by novelty shows only newly created pairs. You need to play around with the liquidity filter—less liquidity means faster takeoff, but more often it's a scam. Find the balance.

Initial setup

At the very bottom, in the center, there are filters where you can select specific blockchains. If your bank is $100, swapping on Ethereum with $20 gas fees doesn't make sense. To save time, I also recommend turning off BSC; 99.9% of it is likely a scam. The old-timer Ethereum and new networks like Base perform the best.

After configuring everything, save the link from the address bar so you don't have to set it up again next time.

The Makers column is an indicator of hype. If a token has been around for more than an hour with 20 unique interactions, it's probably not in demand. 200 is good, 300+ is excellent; snipers hunt and drive up the price. If a coin was released 5 minutes ago with a Makers score of 250, you better open it in a new tab quickly.

2. First look

Upon entering, the most important indicators are Go+ Security and Token Sniffer. Both show the enabled functions in the token contract. If Token Sniffer is 0/100, close the tab and go back to step #1. If Token Sniffer is 100/100, delve deeper.

3. Dangers

Don't buy something like this

There are two main scam schemes:

  1. Honey Pot, also known as Honeypot: This involves the impossibility of selling the purchased tokens because the sale is simply blocked in the contract. Only users from the whitelist, where only the creator's wallets are listed, can sell.

  2. Rug Pull: This is the act of pulling the so-called rug. The token creator owns 99% of the supply and, after pumping the price, sells it off. Liquidity is drained from the pool, and the price goes to zero.

There are more sophisticated schemes, for example, involving manual blacklisting after purchase. But, as I warned in the disclaimer, these risks exist!

4. Checking Deeper

Don't buy something like this either

Copy the contract address from Dex Screener and take it to Detect Honey Pot. This tool simulates buying/selling, shows fees, and the percentage of tokens in the deployer's wallet. As you scroll down the site, you'll see the connection between wallets that interacted with the smart contract.

5. Social Media

The success of a meme depends on the speed of its spread. The more people know about it, the more they buy, and the higher the price. And the faster, the better. At this stage, once you are confident that the contract is not a scam, you proudly hit the project's Twitter button in Dex Screener.

The community spreads the meme

Great when a new post with $token_ticker comes out every few minutes. Tweets with charts, like 'look how it's soaring,' are good too, but they are often made by bots. Memes, on the other hand, are driven by people, and the community is crucial.

Along with the ticker, they often tag the project's account. The number of followers plays a reverse role compared to serious projects. An account with 200,000 followers is more likely to spread a scam than an account with 200.

Typical meme site

In the Twitter bio, you'll find the website and other social media links. Compare the contract address on the website with what's in the screener. Shields don't always have unique names. You can also check activity on Telegram or Discord.

6. Should you buy?

And here's the fork, two strategies:

  1. Check the above in 1-2 minutes and jump in with both feet to not miss the growth of the first candles. It's usually the biggest, sometimes by several thousand percent.

  2. Don't rush. It's good to thoroughly check the token. Buy on the first price pullback, with a correction to the 0.5 or 0.618 Fibonacci level—the 'second wave' strategy.

In the second strategy, you can leisurely buy 'manually,' lazily pressing the approve button, and even if the transaction doesn't go through the first time, you still have time to catch the rocket. The first strategy is more challenging. Telegram sniper bots can help here:

Interface Banana Gun

Banana Gun or Maestro — the functionality of both is similar: replenish the built-in wallet, specify slippage and maximum gwei. Don't forget to enable the built-in Anti-Rug. For each transaction, the bot will incur a commission of 0.5 - 1%. By the way, enthusiasts claim that Banana Gun works faster.

Instructions for the bots:

7. Selling?

If you guessed the rocket number and are already flying to the moon, don't be too greedy; take back your invested funds with a x3 profit by selling a third.

Use a large deposit; don't hit the order book too hard. Crashing the price due to low liquidity will cause panic selling by others. Lock in profits in portions of $300-500.

After securing the main profit, leave a 'moon bag' — a small amount just in case the token goes x1000.

8. Hunting for Alpha

The third secret strategy — don't buy. In Dex Screener, there's a tab with top traders. Look for guys who put in a little but took out a lot. Click on the wallets of all you find. In a new tab, EtherScan will open; copy the address and go to DeBank. Does the profile look human-like? If the wallet age is 3 days — discard it. If there's only one token in the balance — into the trash.

You can monitor the actions of those who passed the selection either in DeBank itself, but you'll have to manually click through the transactions of each. Or in the EtherDrops Tracking Bot — a Telegram bot with instant transaction notifications. Add > Wallet. In the free version, there's a limit of 20 wallets for tracking.

9. Postscript

Noticed that volume influx occurs somewhere between 18:00 to 4:00. If the price drops by morning, don't rush to sell — wait for prime time. Buying a token that has existed for more than 24 hours reduces both the likelihood of a scam and the 'X' factors.

Keep trying and trying again. Hone your eye. Even the guy from the beginning of the article, turning $250 into a million, found PEPE only on the 10th attempt.

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