My Week in Web3 - May 30 - June 3, 2022


  • Work on the “Maiden Voyage” block chain game continues

  • I drew up a Vector Graphic (SVG) that will allow us to mint an NFT with the code for the image completely on chain.

  • This is known as a generative NFT

  • This week I’ll be hosting a Twitter Space with Santiago Uceda of The CryptoMonster Lab to discuss his long term mindset.


  • This is a cohort that is working through the entire process of planning, developing and releasing an NFT Project

  • Registration Currently Closed

  • Worked through the first 3 Days

    • Day 1 - Welcome

    • Day 2 - Prepare the Environment - This involved setting up a lot of accounts at different block chain service providers (check the Alpha for this week for complete list)

    • Day 3 - NFT Ideation

      • Here’s a great quote: “When creating an NFT project, at the core you are offering an exclusive value to holders in your community. Let's talk about what each of those mean:

        • Exclusive Value: Your token is able to create value that can only be attained by holding your NFT

        • Community: Your token is a membership to a community that has common beliefs, interests and goals”

Alchemy’s “Road to Web3”

  • A self paced, 10-week program “designed to bring you from Beginner to Advanced as a Web3 Blockchain Developer.”

  • I don’t plan to become a true developer. But the better you understand the tech, the easier it is to avoid costly mistakes.

  • I’m behind on this so I’ll be completing one or two challenges each week until I’m caught up.

  • This week I completed the task for Week 1 - Write and deploy a basic ERC-721 NFT contract.


  • In this week’s AMA, we discussed ideas for structuring token gated content and I laid how I plan to bring initial utility to the Alpha NFTs I’ll be giving out to subscribers.

My Projects

The Creator-Driven Community

  • I continued research into minting and distributing Alpha NFTs for this project. I plan to distribute them to the first 100, 1000?, 10,000? subscribers as those milestones are reached.

  • Alpha NFTs will be available only to confirmed subscribers.

  • Also working on a system that allows readers to respond to the Newsletter each week and claim Alpha Status for that week. This weekly Alpha Status will allow NFT holders to receive or access special content on the blog that will have a delayed release.

The Furniture Record

  • I found a developer to help me launch The Furniture Record.

  • The initial goal of the project will be to help hobbyist woodworkers document their work on the blockchain in the form of NFTs.

  • In the process they’ll have the opportunity to recognize a mentor who might have made that piece of work possible.