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Information is the most valuable resource of the 21st century and the crypto world is in the active phase of its accumulation.
Each user, testing protocols and applications, pursues a personal financial interest and at the same time contributes to the formation of a common database.
Having collected and processed a sufficient amount of data, an open system will be able to enter into full-fledged competition with an existing closed system.

What data was collected?

Web 3.0 searching tools: - Farcaster social graph search - Mirror search (listed in the Cyberconnet social graph ecosystem) - search in Lens, Farcaster, Mirror - wallet search - Lens protocol search - Mirror search - DeSo search

Web3 searching tools by using scrolling feeds: - excellent functionality and convenient to use on a computer - nice phone app - social wallet with good UX\UI, recently launched a mobile app

Examples of using:

1. Askmirror - search for articles exclusively in Mirror. This allows you to discard unnecessary information that, for example, Google gives out. The only negative is that there is no sorting by article rating yet.

2. RSS3 allows you to track activity in various networks and protocols, both financial and social.

3. Yup, in comparison with Askmirror, expands the boundaries of the search and adds Lens and Farcaster. There is also a rating and relevance of articles / posts.

4. Сontext allows you to monitor the financial and NFT activity of friends, you can connect twitter and it will find the wallets of the accounts you are subscribed to.

5. Interface has integrated the Lens Protocol and Farcaster. It also allows you to monitor the activity of your friends' wallets.

I will note a nice mobile application, scroll down the feed and see what people of interest to us are doing now.

Thanks for your attention!

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