AlfaFrens Guide 101

Info and useful links to understand the basics and get started with AlfaFrens.

Table of content

  1. What is AlfaFrens?

  2. How does it work?

  3. How to get started?

  4. First Steps

    1. Subscribing a Channel

    2. $ALFA Earning

    3. $ALFA Staking

    4. $DEGENx Earning

  5. Links

  6. Dune Dashboards

  7. Other Guides

  8. FAQ

What is AlfaFrens?

AlfaFrens is a subscription-based SocialFi app on Farcaster powered by Superfluid and $DEGEN on Base network.
You can start your own private channel to share unique information with your subscribers, announce the latest memecoins, commentate trades on your linked wallets and so on.

How does it work?

how do you prefer paying subscriptions?

Superfluid framework enables money streaming: subscriptions are paid on a second-to-second basis in $DEGENx and distributed to creators and stakers.

No more once per month payments, right?

This ensures a seamless stream of funds from sender to recipient with automatic real-time balance updates.

More than that the framework help to distribute streams among many parties.

How to get started?

  1. Sign up via Farcaster and enter an invite code;

  2. Deposit $DEGEN to your new address

    1. Click 'Copy Address' and send $DEGEN to it via your EVM wallet in Base network.

      Your $DEGEN will be automatically wrapped in $DEGENx (1 $DEGEN = 1 $DEGENx) and reflected on a balance shortly.

    2. Bridge $DEGEN from other networks.

It is recommended to deposit at least 2000 $DEGEN to start with, further you will see and estimate your cashflow based on your income and subscription fees.

And no worries about withdrawing - $DEGENx can be converted back to $DEGEN.

First Steps

1.Subscribing a Channel → 2.$ALFA Earning → 3.$ALFA Staking → 4.$DEGENx Earning

Subscribing a Channel you are starting to pay a subscription fee with $DEGENx, but earning $ALFA that could be staked after claiming in any channel to earn $DEGENx. Got it? Let's go in details.

1. Subscribing a Channel

There are 3 types of subscription fees:
paying 1500 $DEGENx per month to earn 450+ $ALFA per day
paying 1000 $DEGENx per month to earn 300+ $ALFA per day
paying 500 $DEGENx per month to earn 150+ $ALFA per day

Numbers of earnings can vary channel to channel.

You are paying a gas fee to start or cancel a subscription, so keep in mind gas prices to find the most suitable time for you to do so. Can check this dashboard on an average gas in AlfaFrens.

2. $ALFA Earning

$ALFA earnings in a channel = $ALFA staking volume / Number of subscribers.

So it means the higher $ALFA per subscriber ratio the better.
Adding $ALFA to channel's stake increasing $ALFA earnings.

You can find an estimated Daily amount of $ALFA earning on Home tab.

Don't forget to claim $ALFA to put it at work for staking, gas fees should be paid for it.

3. $ALFA Staking

Staking $ALFA to the channel makes you earn a share of channel's revenue pool in $DEGENx.

25% of subscription fees going to the channel's owner,
70% distributed among the stakers in proportion to their staked shares,
5% AlfaFrens commission.

For example:
Channel with 10 subs and 5 stakers ($ALFA: 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 = 48%, 24%, 14%, 10%, 5%)
10 subs for 500 $DEGENx per month = 5000 $DEGENx income,
1175 DEGENx goes for the owner,
3500 DEGENx splits between 5 stakers ($DEGENx 1667, 833, 500, 333, 167)

4. $DEGENx Earning

Earning $DEGENx is all about managing positive cashflow: Earnings > Subscription Fees

Your Earnings come from Staking and Your Channel
As an example above 15 596 $DEGENx + 9 875 $DEGENx = 25 471 $DEGENx

Your can check you Subscription Fees via Superfluid

  1. Copy your profile address

  2. Select 'View the dashboard as any address' and paste the profile address

  3. You can see the Net Flow of your profile or if you click on $DEGENx asset - a flow forecast, that can be crucial for staying positive and don't hit 0 balance.

In the example above:
Subscription cost: 22 500 $DEGENx
Earnings: 25 471 $DEGENx
Net income: 2 971 $DEGENx

Dune Dashboards

Links to very useful guides if you want to read further, feel free to subscribe to their AlfaFrens channels for more information.

Vincent Chee - AlfaFrens Mechanics 101 (AlfaFrens)

Basil - Alfafrens: The Garden & The Farm (AlfaFrens)

Pasilda - Alfa Frens (ENG) (AlfaFrens)

Zeni - AlfaFrens Welcome Guide (AlfaFrens)

Tormential - A Beginner's Guide to AlfaFrens (AlfaFrens)


Where can I get an invite code?

You can be invited by other AlfaFrens users with a code, it's updated once a week.
Follow @alfafrens on Farcaster to hear about new code drops!

Where should I start first?

You can start subscribing to mature channel to generate great $ALFA income first, then stake this $ALFA to your or any other channels to earn $DEGENx.

What I pay gas for?

Subscribing / unsubscribing a channel, claiming $ALFA, staking $ALFA, depositing and withdrawing.

What is okay gas prices?

I suppose now it is about 30 $DEGENx per transaction, but it depends on:
- the network congestions,
- your current numbers of stakes and subscription, it's scaling the more the higher,
Can check this dashboard on an average gas prices.

Should I claim $ALFA every 24 hours?

You can claim it as often as you want, but keep in mind gas prices.
$ALFA earnings do not stop after 24h, if it is unclaimed, but it is better to keep it staked.

Can I unstake or restake $ALFA?

You can unstake anytime, but that triggers a 24-hour cooldown before you can claim any more $ALFA or move your stake elsewhere. $ALFA continues to accumulate even while you’re on cooldown.

Is $ALFA token tradable?

$ALFA is not currently tradable but may become so in the future.

What if my $DEGENx balance equals 0?

All your subscriptions will be canceled and you need to subscribe again to resume them (and pay gas fees to do so), $ALFA earnings will stop, but $DEGENx earnings from staked $ALFA will continue.

Should I claim my $DEGENx earnings?

Nope, it is constantly streaming to your balance.
If your balance is decreasing it means that your net flow is negative.

Feel free to subscribe to my channel

Gear up for an exciting journey as we dive deep into the world of AlfaFrens, exploring its mechanics, subscription models, and proven strategies to maximize your earnings.

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