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Degen Chain - Pioneering Ultra-Low-Cost L3 Solutions

Introducing Degen Chain - A Groundbreaking L3 Solution

Today marks a significant milestone as we introduce Degen Chain, a revolutionary ultra-low-cost L3 tailored for the Degen community. Powered by Arbitrum Orbit, Base for settlement, and AnyTrust for data availability, Degen Chain sets a new standard as one of the first community tokens with its dedicated L3 infrastructure.

A Month of Remarkable Progress - Pushing the Boundaries of EVM L3s

In the past month alone, Syndicate and its partners have propelled the evolution of EVM L3s. From Syndicate’s Frame L3 empowering Farcaster Frame developers to Gold L3 catering to gaming enthusiasts with platforms like Cropxyz, and now the unveiling of Degen L3 tailored for the Degen community, the possibilities of ultra-low-cost, scalable L3s are just beginning to be explored.

Degen - A Community-Centric Approach

Degen made its debut in January 2024 within the Degen channel community on Farcaster. By distributing the token among builders, content creators, and users, Degen has revolutionized the Farcaster ecosystem, enabling Casters to reward quality content creators with $DEGEN. With over 53K holders and more than 553K $DEGEN transactions to date, Degen has witnessed rapid growth and adoption.

Degen Chain - Redefining of L3s

Degen Chain stands out as one of the pioneering L3s tailored explicitly for a community and its token. Facilitating new experiments in tipping, community rewards, payments, gaming, and beyond, Degen Chain leverages $DEGEN as its native gas token, opening doors to innovative experiences and applications.

What are the parameters for the Degen Chain?

Network Name



The public Layer 3 rollup chain for Degen. Built on Arbitrum Orbit, Base for settlement, and AnyTrust DA

RPC Endpoint

Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer


How can I build on Degen Chain (or launch my own L3)?

Empowering Builders with Syndicate’s Developer Tools

The Degen team is committed to supporting builders on Degen Chain by providing access to developer tools, including Transaction Cloud APIs. Developers can leverage these tools to build scalable applications on Degen Chain, with free gas incentives. To explore building on Degen Chain or launching your own L3, access documentation or sign up for a free plan.

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