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$DEGEN for beginners 1 - Do not overtip allowed tip limit

Your invalid tips (over the tipper's daily allowance or already spent), are of no use to anyone

When I became a Farcasters user and received my first amount of tips, I noticed that there was a limit on how many tips I could spend per day.

I realized that eligible Farcasters automatically receive a daily allowance of DEGEN POINTS to tip other Farcasters with. The allocation total is determined algorithmically based on cast engagement statistics.

On the page, everyone can view the total and current remaining allowance. I studied these rules and made sure not to exceed the daily amount.

👉Type allowance and rank

👉Tips Received Degen points

👉Leaderboard list

But despite this, according to an insight into the tipping statistics, many tips are invalid (over the tipper's daily allowance or already spent).

Although this information is publicly available, mostly due to detailed explanations by the House of Degen, there is an over-typing. There may be some other unexplained details, but the question is how much they are the cause of this phenomenon. For instance the snapshot cut-off time, and so on. Most frames or queries do an approximation at best.

It is important to know that the types that you have assigned beyond your allowed limit are not valid. The only thing they can achieve is to create confusion.

To reduce invalid tipping, I would suggest being mindful of your daily allowance. Make it a habit to check your remaining balance on the page before initiating any tip transactions. Remember, overtipping not only gives rise to invalid entries but can also disrupt the straightforwardness of the system for you and others. It's crucial to understand that attempting to send DEGEN POINTS beyond your limit won't increase your influence or improve your standing within the Farcasters community. Instead, it may create unnecessary complexity and confusion. Let's strive to foster a transparent and fair platform where all users play by the rules.

I hope this article will contribute to a better understanding of the typing process.

I hope you like this review and find value in it. Thank you for your trust.

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