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Tabi announced that the Voyagers Expedition Campaign is ending soon⏳

Have you participated and claimed your Tabi roles & NFTs?

Have you participated and claimed your Tabi roles & NFTs?

It seems that time is running out for that because Tabi announced that the Voyagers I Expedition Campaign is ending soon

These are very simple Airdrop steps:

- Step 1 Sailor’s Quest

- Step 2 Invite Quest

- Reddit Quest

- Mermaid’s Quest

Try it if you haven't yet, it's fun!

Basically, to participate you have to,

- connect wallet

- connect discord

- connect twitter

- Verify and Claim NFT

In the meantime, Tabi also launched Testnet

After last week's announcement in which they confirmed Airdrop, launched a new site, and announced the next events, they have now also launched Tesnet. The first step in this is the faucet and the possibility of installing a test blockchain.

Testnet details

Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page. Look for "Add Tabi Testnet," click on it, and add the network to your MM wallet; you can now request a faucet by visiting this link:

Official announcement

Tabi Website Live Now!

— Explore Tabi’s new online presence.

Dive into Tabi ecosystem’s hub, where innovative projects await.

Join a vast network of elite developers shaping the future with us.

Up next: Testnet activities & more. Stay tuned for developments!

Tokenomics, vibrant projects, and developer resources — all coming soon to our site.

Are the #Airdrop squad ready? The adventure begins soon 🪂

It looks like things are about to get interesting again for the Tabi community, which is not small and has almost a million followers on Twitter. It’s exhilarating to see the hype in the community. It will be also interesting to find out in the coming period what is hidden behind these sound announcements.

I hope you like this review and find value in it. Thank you for your trust.

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