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Claim your ZETA in ZetaHub. Earn XP in ZetaChain Mainnet Beta Launch campaign

Zetachain launched Mainnet Beta. Eligible users can claim earned ZETA in ZetaHub. All users can CLAIM ZETA tokens and Earn XP in launch campaign

ZetaChain was started in 2021 with a mission to serve as a platform for universal access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain. With over 1.8M community members and 200+ partners, ZetaChain Mainnet Beta will allow ZetaChain to massively increase its impact on the blockchain community.

Claim your ZETA

Eligible users can visit ZetaHub Claim to claim their earned ZETA token allocations from the initial airdrop.

In addition to the ZetaChain airdrop, users may receive ZETA from partner wallet campaigns, centralized trading platforms, and other programs.

Enter ZetaHub

ZetaChain Mainnet Beta introduces ZetaHub, an entry point product for users to actively participate with ZetaChain and the ecosystem. The comprehensive portal includes features such as governance, proof of stake, and access to the vast ZetaChain dApp ecosystem. Users will be able to track their on-chain activity in ZetaHub through a rewards system called Zeta XP.

Enter the XP launch campaign!

To kick off the launch of ZetaChain Mainnet Beta, ZetaHub presents the first global XP campaign, lasting 30 days. It is a level-up system and loyalty program based on pure on-chain user activity.

Users will be able to earn XP and increase their level by interacting with ZetaHub through activities such as inviting friends to XP, contributing to core pools, depositing assets, and interacting with ZetaChain apps.

XP-eligible activities will refresh frequently so check ZetaHub for updates so you can climb the global leaderboard.

ENTER ZetaHub and Earn XP now!

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