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Layer3 V2  -Collect CUBEs, Claim Rewards  ⏺

Layer3 interactive Quests make learning and exploring crypto fun, engaging, and rewarding. What is Layer3 V2 - CUBEs? Let's find out 👇

Layer3 was founded in 2021. Using powerful storytelling techniques (bounties & quests) they’ve millions of on-chain interactions across top dapps. 

Today, Layer3 serves web3 customers such as Coinbase, Ethereum, Arbitrum, zkSync, Solana, and Polygon.

What is Layer3 V2 update?

The update is centered around open-source ERC-721 credentials, CUBEs. First deployed on Base, coming to more chains soon.

CUBEs unlock rewards & new features.

CUBEs unlock Token-rewarding quests and Boosts for users while unifying Quest completion data onchain.

👉 Collect CUBEs, Claim Rewards

Unlock new rewards with Credentials to Unify Blockchain Events

👉 Mint CUBEs to complete Quests, claim rewards, and build your onchain trophy case. CUBEs, a.k.a. Credentials to Unify Blockchain Events, are the new key to the Layer3 economy.

Layer3 — engaging and rewarding place — V2, largest update yet | CUBEs

What rewards can CUBEs unlock?

By unifying Quest completions onchain, credential unlocks new opportunities for explorers. Collect CUBEs to progress and claim rewards on Layer3:

  • ETH & ERC-20 tokens: Receive ETH, USDC, and other tokens for certain Quests.

  • Experience Points (XP): Leveling up in experience enables access to new Quests.

  • Gems: Our shiny in-game currency can be used to purchase XP Boosts, Swap & Bridge Discounts, Streak Repairs, and more.

Layer3 — engaging and rewarding place — V2, largest update yet | CUBEs

👉 On the Rewards Hub you’ll earn Boosts, with CUBEs as the key:

  • 2x XP Boosts

  • 3x XP Boosts

  • Swap Discounts

  • Bridge Discounts

Boosts are yours to activate whenever you want and last 24 hours. By collecting CUBEs and progressing on the Rewards Hub you’ll also earn Gems. Gems can be redeemed in the Shop for Boosts or Streak Repairs. Note: XP Boosts cannot be combined — e.g. activating a 3x XP Boost would replace your 2x XP Boost and start a new 24-hour timer.

CUBEs, Gems, and the Rewards Hub

As you progress through our Seasonal Rewards program on the Rewards Hub, you’ll earn Gems and Boosts. Gems can be used to redeem rewards in the Rewards Shop. Next to your profile, you can see accumulated Gems and easily navigate to the Shop. Season One will last 100 days before progress resets and a new Rewards Hub lineup is introduced.

Layer3 — engaging and rewarding place — V2, largest update yet | CUBEs

Expanding CUBEs utility

Beginning with in-platform perks and token rewards, CUBEs will enable expansive utility. Soon, CUBEs will unlock key features on Layer3 as well as projects beyond (i.e. beta access to new DEXes, reduced fees for active dapp users, etc.). On this path to decentralization, CUBEs are the key to bringing Layer3 fully onchain.

👉 Explore lineup of new CUBEs Quests here, and stay tuned for our upcoming feature on Onchain Referrals and Dynamic Rewards.

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