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Layer3 - Mint your first CUBE ⏺ to earn Dynamic Rewards 💰

Introducing the Layer3 Rewards Hub.

Layer3 - Mint your first CUBE to earn Dynamic Rewards 💰

Layer3 V2 introduces a more engaging and rewarding place for all blockchain enthusiasts. CUBE, the newest feature, provides an innovative platform where users can mint their first tokens. The minting process is not only exciting but also financially rewarding as it incorporates Dynamic Rewards. As you interact more with the platform and mint more CUBEs, your rewards increase, creating a dynamic ecosystem that continuously benefits active participants.

Layer3 — engaging and rewarding place — V2, largest update yet | CUBEs

👉 Introducing Dynamic Rewards

By collecting CUBEs, your crypto achievements are preserved while unlocking Dynamic Rewards, Tokens, & Platform Boosts.

Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, Layer3 V2's CUBE feature ensures everyone gets a taste of success through its innovative minting process and rewarding Dynamic Rewards system.

👉 How do Dynamic Rewards work?

The more you do onchain, the more you earn and progress. XP and token rewards will be issued dynamically upon Quest completion. Higher value transactions can earn more Dynamic Rewards.

CUBEs, the Rewards Hub, and Onchain Referrals form V2 vision to:

• Unify chains, apps, and ecosystems

Dynamically reward active users

👉 Mint your first CUBE to start claiming rewards:

It is easy. If you do this by minting this article on the Layer3 weekly quest - "Mint on Paragraph", I would greatly appreciate it 🙏

Thank you,


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