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ZetaChain - changed the XP program from a daily to a weekly

ZetaChain has switched the XP program from a daily to a weekly

To kick off the launch of ZetaChain Mainnet Beta, ZetaHub launched the first global XP 30-day campaign at the beginning of the month. It is a level-up system and loyalty program based on on-chain user activity.

Users were able to earn XP and increase their level by interacting with ZetaHub through activities such as inviting friends to XP, contributing to core pools, and depositing assets, on a daily basis.

Today things have changed.

They reward cadence.

Their official announcement says:

Moving forward, we will shift the XP program from a daily to a weekly reward cadence to encourage and understand genuine usage for current and future XP activities (to be announced). Until this is implemented very soon, Earn XP is disabled.

With the new cadence, users have a wider window to accomplish activities and learn about and try out tasks. It also helps XP support groups in various time zones and those with connectivity issues.

Things didn't run smoothly and messages could be seen in the community, that user engagement and XP rewards were not in sync.

ZeteChain officially announced this:

"If you were not able to see your XP in the interface, the latest amounts should be updated as all RPCs return to a stable state.

For a period of about 3 hours on February 5th, 2024, a minor bug was introduced that allowed some tasks to be claimed multiple times. This was resolved quickly and all invalid XP point assignments will be rectified."

They also stated:

As a reminder from prior statements, there will also be an XP boost for special user groups including all ZetaLabs users (including those after August 2023) and wallet campaign testnet participants. Expect updates to your XP before the end of the 30-day XP launch campaign.

You can find the ZetaHub page HERE

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