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πŸ”” zkSync has intensified activities for users βœ… Let's find out πŸ”Ž

It is noticeable that after some time zkSync introduced new activities on the Discord channel and announced other news. What can this mean? πŸ”Ž

zkSync launched a Libertas Omnibus video on Twitter suggesting something would happen in December (upcoming phase 2), but now it’s February and we’ve heard nothing about the game yet.

zkSync has intensified activities for users

Most of the community eagerly awaited the outcome of this announcement, because the prices of Libertas Omnibus NTF are quite high and many people were caught by FOMO, but this December announcement relaxed many because of the announcement of a new series.

Despite the silence surrounding the Libertas Omnibus game, zkSync's increased activity and strategic changes hint at an ambitious roadmap ahead, keeping the community hopeful and engaged.

πŸ“‘ But something else happened.

zkSync has introduced some changes to their Discord roles to make way for the upcoming zkSuccess program.

πŸ‘‰ What's Changing?

They're phasing out the Scam Detective and Roadmappor roles.

But what is new, they introduced @Verified Level 1 and @Verified Level 2, which will be for those interested in participating in the upcoming zkSuccess program.

They announced that they will present more details about this soon.

πŸ‘‰ How do you get the role?


Meet the requirements for claiming the roles.

Guilds tasks

πŸ“‘ And what are your requirements?

Have a Gitcoin Passport with a 15 score in (Unique Humanity Score) and, have a Gitcoin Passport with a 20 score in (Unique Humanity Score).

Roles on Discord

πŸ”Ž In order to fulfill these two criteria, you need to identify yourself in several ways and in several places, to put it simply. This actually looks like some kind of indirect KYC. It seems that this is the first step in the announced zkSuccess program.

It remains to be seen in the coming days what that means concretely.

πŸ“‘ Other zkSync Campaigns

At the same time, a HYPERCOMIC NTF campaign appeared, supported by the official zkSync Twitter account


In phase 1 - NFTs have been minted as shown below.

zkSync Worker : 401368

zkSync Hustler : 350602

zkSync King : 236603

Total : 988,573

🟧 Something is definitely happening

Following a period of relative quiet, the zkSync team has sprung into action with a flurry of new initiatives aimed at engaging and supporting their user base. This resurgence of activity, primarily on their Discord channel, includes regular updates, active community engagement, and intriguing announcements that have sparked speculation among users. The sudden uptick in communication suggests not just renewed energy but also a strategic shift towards transparency and community building. This could potentially signal important developments on the horizon, perhaps even preparation for major breakthroughs or releases.

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