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zkSync transactions are now available on Etherscan

Etherscan Now Supports zkSync Transaction Queries and Services

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As noted, Ethereum's layer 2 scaling solution, zkSync, has announced that Etherscan now supports more services, including zkSync transaction queries.

Etherscan features now available for zkSync:

  • List of NFT transfers & mints

  • List of verified contracts

  • Blockchain charts & stats

  • Code reader

  • Vyper online compiler

  • Token approvals

  • Contract diff checker

  • Broadcast raw transaction

Etherscan joins a growing list of block explorers available for zkSync, providing builders and users with transparent access to blockchain data from multiple external sources.

  • zkSync Era Block Explorer

  • zkSync Era Explorer

  • L2scan

  • Blockscout

  • Hyperscan

  • skScan

Where users can now: explore transactions, blocks, batches, contracts and much more information about zkSync chains.

zkSync is emerging as a formidable player in the Layer 2 space, boasting a live mainnet and a substantial $600 million total value locked.

zkSync's rise in popularity can be attributed to its ability to provide scalable and efficient transactions on the Ethereum network, offering users a more cost-effective and seamless experience. As the demand for scalable blockchain solutions continues to grow, zkSync stands out as a promising player in the Layer 2 scaling space.

Yet, it interestingly remains without a token, presenting a unique opportunity for airdrop participants.

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