Will you Join Crypto Kitchen Reopening at Bitcoin2024 Nashville in One Month?

CryptoKitchen24: Connecting East and West Bitcoin Communities

Crypto Kitchen will open again in one month!

From July 25 to 27, CryptoKitchen24 will be held in Nashville, USA, concurrently with Bitcoin 2024. We extend a sincere invitation to Bitcoin builders, community leaders, investors, and Bitcoiners from East and West to gather in Nashville, the birthplace of American country music, to share inspirations, stories, and projects related to building the Bitcoin ecosystem through afternoon tea and culinary activities, unite consensus, and welcome the Bitcoin bull market.

After the Bitcoin Asia in Hong Kong from May 9 to 10, the Bitcoin 2024 will be held in Nashville, USA, from July 25 to 27. Hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, the Bitcoin conference is the longest-running and largest Bitcoin event globally, especially this year as it kicks off the Bitcoin-led crypto bull market cycle. Returning to Nashville, Tennessee, the headquarters of Bitcoin Magazine, the Bitcoin 2024 is expected to attract an unprecedented number of attendees. Notable figures such as U.S. presidential independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood, renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden, MicroStrategy Executive Chairman Michael Saylor, and Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy are confirmed to speak. There are reports that former U.S. President and Republican candidate Donald Trump is in talks to arrange a speaking engagement.

CryptoKitchen24: Connecting East and West Bitcoin Communities

Last year, Crypto Kitchen opened in Istanbul, Turkey, and successfully promoted the exchange and cooperation between Eastern and Western builders in the Ethereum ecosystem. This year, it is all-in on the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem. Following co-hosting a "New Bitcoin Assets and Settlement" Salon in Hong Kong on April 7, hosting a Bitcoin Halving Celebration Night in New York on April 20, fully supporting and participating in the Hong Kong Bitcoin Week from May 7 to 11, and hosting a Pizza Day gathering in Shanghai on May 21, Crypto Kitchen will again host the CryptoKitchen Bitcoin2024 in Nashville, USA, concurrently with the Bitcoin 2024, connecting the Eastern and Western Bitcoin communities.

CryptoKitchen24 strives to stand at the forefront of the thriving Bitcoin ecosystem, focusing on showcasing groundbreaking ideas and projects to crypto builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and communities from East and West, providing unique opportunities for connection and collaboration, and celebrating the innovation and prosperity of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

01 - Starting June 10: X Space


  • WHEN: 1 or 2 sessions per week, starting in mid-June

  • WHERE: X Platform

  • WHAT: All innovative projects and builders are invited to join a series of X spaces to share ideas and thoughts on the thriving Bitcoin ecosystem

The Nashville Bitcoin2024 series Space began on June 10 at 8 PM UTC+8 during the Dragon Boat Festival and has held five sessions.

02 - July to September: Demo Night

  • HOST: BITWORKS & Node Lab & Zentix Labs

  • WHEN: 1 session every month, July - September

  • WHERE: Video streaming platforms such as X, YouTube

  • WHAT: All selected projects will have 10 minutes to present their project and 5 minutes to answer questions from the judges

03 - June 25: Kitchen Debate

  • HOST: Crypto Kitchen & Zentix Labs

  • WHEN: 1:00-5:00 pm, July 25

  • WHERE: Bitcoin Kitchen in Nashville, TN, USA

  • WHAT: Fireside chat by invited bitcoin builders and investors, lightning talk by finalist projects from Demo Night

04 - June 26 or 27: Kitchen Dinner

  • HOST: Crypto Kitchen & Zentix Labs

  • WHEN: 6:00-9:00 pm, July 26 or 27

  • WHERE: Bitcoin Kitchen in Nashville, TN, USA

  • WHAT: Self-cooking feast by builders and celebrate bitcoin2024

The CryptoKitchen24 IRL event has limited space and only accommodates special guests and pre-approved Bitcoin builders, investors, and Bitcoiners in Nashville during Bitcoin 2024.

To expand influence and preserve content, Crypto Kitchen will, with the consent of co-hosts and sharing "chefs," conduct the following live broadcasts and recordings—

  • X Space: To maximize outreach and inform a broad audience about the event's objectives, content, and significance, multiple X-Space sessions will be conducted before, during, and after CryptoKitchen24.

  • Live Video: CryptoKitchen24 will host a live video streaming, providing additional opportunities for viewers to join chefs' keynote sessions during the event. Please note that these streams will not include live networking.

  • Podcast: To ensure lasting dissemination, we are creating a series of podcasts that delve into the behind-the-scenes stories of the chefs participating in CryptoKitchen24.

  • Short Video: All the chefs' sharing and conversations in CryptoKitchen24 will be refined as a documentary that strives to be a part of Bitcoin history.

CryptoKitchen24: Inviting Collaboration

BIT FM, Crypto Kitchen, Zentix Labs, BITWORKS, and Node Lab jointly initiated the CryptoKitchen Bitcoin2024. We sincerely invite collaboration and co-creation!

CryptoKitchen23: Let's Cook at Istanbul

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