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Mephisto and the Crypto Bro

Part 01

A conference room of a hotel. A beige-ish thick carpet dampens the sound of steps on it, soaking up pieces of the conversations around. There are booths all around in a big circle, and in the middle of the room, an aggregation of tables and chairs put together as a networking area. A handful of people have set up their laptops in that networking area, trying to look like they're on important calls.

Enter the Crypto Bro (CB)

CB speaking into his phone: "GM, GM, everyone. What's up? I hope you followed my lead yesterday and shorted the hell out of that stupid cat coin. If you did, check your bags. We're printing money dudes. And dudettes, I guess, gotta be inclusive., But who am I kidding, ain't barely real women in here amirite."

A lone woman in a black hoodie walks through the scene, looking at the Crypto Bro in disgust.

CB: "OK, I might have been wrong. There's one, and by the look she just gave me, I might get lucky tonight."

The woman continues walking and rolls her eyes, visibly annoyed.

CB: "Anyway, time to get some more alpha, everyone. Don't forget to hustle and farm those airdrops. If you follow my strategy you too could soon be wearing Rolex and fly first class."

CB puts his phone in his pocket and looks around. He discovers the largest booth advertising some alt-Layer-1 chain with the highest TPS ever and a price-never-go-down strategy. Confidently, he walks toward it.

CB: "Hey y'all, so now tell me more about that price-never-go-down strategy. You know I'm something of an expert in that myself."

The conversation continues between a guy at the booth and the crypto bro.

Enter Mephisto from a side entrance into the conference room.

People around pay little attention to the character wearing a long, deep-red robe. Might just be another weirdo, they think to themselves - trying to come up with a banger tweet about it.

Mephisto talking to himself: "It's been a while since I've won my last bet with God. This time, it should be easy. I heard that all these crypto people really want is for their bags to 1000x and make them life-changing money. The gains justify the means, and they practically have given up on their souls already anyway... The only question left is, who should I go after?

Let's take a look at that platform; what did they say again, this Crypto Twitter? Weird stuff these humans have come up with in the past centuries."

From the depth of his red robe, he produces a phone and clumsily unlocks it. Nodding to himself, he reads aloud some of the tweets until he stumbles on one that gets his attention.

Mephisto: "Ah, this one seems the perfect combination of delusional and Napoleon syndrome."

With his target in mind, Mephisto gazes across the crowd. Surely, this crypto bro character wouldn't be in the hacker zone, but wherever there is the most obnoxious marketing...

I've had this idea in my mind for some time, wondering how things would play out if the devil tried to get a crypto bro to sell his soul. With Faust by Goethe on my couch table, I felt like there was no excuse not to at least start on it.

We'll see how far I can get it.

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