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On loosing my weekday writing streak

It's Monday, and looking at my dashboard reminds me that I lost my weekday writing in public streak five days ago.

It was good while it lasted, forcing me to sort my thoughts and turn them into something understandable for people outside my brain.

There's this idea that we constantly need to push ourselves further, progressing the project of the self and the value in the market.

But, of course, this writing challenge was not something that'd increase my supposed economic value. It was more of a cognitive challenge for me to see if I had enough original thoughts, you could say.

I do believe that giving things up is another underrated skill in a world where people say consistency is key and that you just have to push through.

Sometimes, I don't think this is the answer.

Sometimes, giving up is.

We're human. Not everything is meant to last.

My weekday writing challenge wasn't and didn't.

Ironically, it ended because of travel to and from a crypto event - and my mental exhaustion after socializing.

Still, I'm pretty happy I gave it a shot. There's a variety of random things I learned throughout, and I decided to read more poetry in the course of it.

Writing is thinking - and thinking requires silence. Or, if you want to go with a Japanese concept for it: 間 (Ma - the time and space life needs to breathe, to feel and connect.)

I didn't have either of those during the two crypto event days.

That's why I couldn't bring sensible words down.

It is what it is.

I will continue writing my random thoughts down, but it might happen in the privacy of my blue notebook - a gift from a friend who knew about my obsession with Max Richters' Blue Notebooks.

And some of it will find its way on here.

I might aggregate smaller thoughts into a longer piece at the end of a month.

Plus, there are some topics that I'm very fascinated by at the moment that I want to explore, such as the philosophy around time, money, and meaning.

But first on my list is writing about one of my absolute favorite activities: reading.

So there's something to look forward to if you like to read, if you need some food for thought on why you should still read real books when summaries exist, or if you just want to see how much I like Schoppenhauer's ideas on reading.

Either way, stay tuned.

And ofc, I encourage anyone to try the same and am always happy to answer questions or offer whatever help I can :))

Fun fact: The cover image is what Nijijourney made from a prompt that told it to make a version of the This is fine meme.

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