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Airdrop of January 2024 Homers

Documenting the first-ever distribution of 'Inverted Homer' rewards to Cryptoversal supporters

The Heritage of Inverse Homer

The time has come to distribute Inverse Homers to the community.

Inverse Homers?

Yes. Inverse Homers.

Remember the part of the Iliad where soldiers jump out of a giant wooden horse to conquer a city? The Greeks came up with the idea. Greeks built the thing from the Greek timbers repurposed from Greek ships. Greek soldiers carried out the plan. They say history is written by the victors, but who did history name that horse-shaped superweapon after? The Trojans!

Or how about when Achilles suffers a mortal wound to his ankle? Insane to think that a single reinforced sandal could have turned the course of an entire war, or that runners are still taking damage to that tendon whenever they do something to piss off the gods.

You may think you read about these events in the works of Homer, but you didn't. They occur among many chapters of the Epic Cycle that have been lost to time, leaving us nothing but recaps and retellings from much, much later. Like photocopies of photocopies of photocopies.

Inverse Homer represents all the stories that have been lost, but somehow continue to inspire and influence storytellers and the art of storytelling even after thousands of years. I hope you keep Inverse Homer with you as a reminder that every book collection and library is inherently incomplete.

Eligible Works

Cryptoversal Newsletter readers collected four January issues:

  • "Obama to Seek Third Term as President" presented an alternate universe take on Donald Trump's 14th Amendment challenges. This was the most popular post of the month.

  • "Trump Trial Update" featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it gap between two civil trials.

  • "Mickey Mouse is Free" discussed works entering the public domain, focusing on a 1928 incarnation of Mickey Mouse. The gloves weren't in place until 1930, in case you were wondering.

  • "The Week of Mickey and Donald" presented more thoughts on Mickey Mouse and Donald Trump. Hopefully, nothing newsworthy happens and we can be done with both of them for a while.

I appreciate the endorsement of my work and support for the ongoing mission of Cryptoversal Books.


This month's reward is 1 Sepia Homer for each collector and 100 Inverse Homers for each collected piece. Sepia Homer will gate content that offers holders a chance to shape the future of this newsletter. Inverse Homers are meant to be given away and spread around far and wide.

Anyone interested in the unrelated UNHOMER CFT-20 token can mint a thousand of them for free on this mint page. They currently serve no purpose.

The Leaderboard

I've been working on a plan to dole out Inverse Homers to members of the community. Part of that plan requires the creation and maintenance of a leaderboard so that everyone can reference an up-to-the-second inventory of Inverse Homer ownership. This would mean that I'd either have to update the thing after every transaction or find an efficient and effective tech solution...

Then I remembered that Inverse Homers live on a blockchain that already records every transaction in real time. The blockchain is the leaderboard! A current list of holders can be found on OpenSea, from any other Polygon-supporting marketplace, or from Polygonscan.

Other Updates

I'm closing up old projects and planning a website upgrade to refocus Cryptoversal Books on the creation of community-directed and community-owned content. There are some revolutionary ideas on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Also, every day we don't hear a verdict in the Trump civil fraud trial adds more money to the eventual amount since a pre-verdict interest rate will be added on top.

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