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Halloween Treats

YEAR Holders to Receive Project 12 Tokens

At the start of 2023, I created a generative token collection called 2022: Another Year in the Books for friends who were also experimenting in the Web3 literary space.

Each token in the collection has a set of random traits that represent a genre, type of publisher, format, audience, and provenance. An algorithm then uses those traits to generate a book cover set against a background of Wordle answers for an image that is unique to every token.

For example, Book #7 of the collection represents a non-fiction paperback advance-reader copy that purports to have been stolen from a book reviewer, and so it has a green background and mountainous landscape design.

For every month in 2023, then-current holders of the YEAR token receive a reward. In some months, the tokens might be enhanced with Darkblock content, turning them into token-gated ebooks. In other months, it might be an airdrop of a literary project.

For anyone who wanted to opt out of the program, the token could be given away or sold, with future rewards then going automatically to the new owner. Because such a transaction would be registered on the blockchain, this transfer of rights can be done without seeking my prior permission or providing me with any explicit notice after it's happened.

Current holders will note that I've fallen a few months behind, which is why I feel like I have to reintroduce the concept. There will be an acceleration of rewards to reach twelve total by the end of the year, which brings us to today.

This morning, YEAR holders received an airdrop of the first seven tokens of Project 12, a token-gated maze that players navigate by collecting locations and solving puzzles along a storytelling route.

Still a work in progress, these first seven tokens consist of five locations, one secondary character, and a mysterious water spear.

Hint: Grab the water spear now. There will be a fire monster in the next room.

If you're a YEAR holder, you'll find these Optimism-based tokens in your Hidden folder on OpenSea. They will grant you a sneak peek at the part of the maze that's available so far, starting from the project hub at

Non-holders can mint and collect the Project 12 tokens as they progress through the maze. You'll need a d20 (or online equivalent) for an observation check at the Fiery Foothills.

I'll have more information on Project 12 as it progresses. For now, I mainly wanted to let the YEAR holders know that I haven't forgotten about them. But if you do look through the game so far, I'd love to have your feedback.

If you're not a YEAR holder but want to be, YEAR tokens can still be minted on the Cryptoversal Books website at for 1 MATIC (currently about 65 cents in US currency).

Happy Halloween!


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