Mytho-Crypto 3.4: Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

Welcome or welcome back! I’m Greg, also known as Cryptoversal, and this is the Mythoversal Cryptoversal Newsletter, also known as the Mytho-Crypto. You either subscribed or are receiving a forwarded copy from a friend—either way, I’m glad to have you in the Cryptoversal community.

Each week, I present an update on my writing projects, technology experiments, mythological observations, and developments in Web3 Publishing.

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

My first-grade teacher taught us to say, “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits,” for good luck on the first day of every month. “If you remember to say it for 1200 months in a row, you’ll live to be a hundred.”

This particular January includes the start of the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Fitting, because once you start to dig into the interlocking cycles of the zodiac, you find yourself going deeper, like falling into the deep rabbit hole of Chinese culture and tradition.

You may have noticed the eight-part Lunar New Year series of story, poetry, and art that I released as Wordler Vignettes. I’d originally intended to make a four-part series, but after the first, I realized that four is an inauspicious number, and that more rabbits would be required. The nature of rabbits is to multiply. As of this writing, almost 2500 Lunar New Year tokens have been collected.

The first token is attached to a story that brings back Wordler 376 and reunites her with the Man at the End of the Earth. Fittingly, the two had previously bonded over their shared love for rabbits. Now 376 is experiencing an existential crisis, having journeyed to the End of the Earth and back to save her REALM, only to see it destroyed anyway just eight days later. The Man sends her onward to quest for her New Beginning.

Parts two through eight present a poem that represents the start of Wordler 376’s new quest. Will we see her again? Will her path cross those of Val the Simian, Shutterbug the Steampunk Faery, Glory the Elven mathematician, Melvin the former ghost, and Pooka? Only the Wordle can say for sure.

Each part is accompanied by an AI-generated rabbit and can be collected for free at

The Web3 Writers Hours

On Tuesday, you can find me on Twitter Spaces, chatting with Web3 publishing pioneers Edward Carpenter and CD Vagobond. Every week is a new learning experience and your chance to come up on stage and share your own writing journey.

For back-to-back goodness, our show is followed by Roving with Rionna, a craft-oriented workshop hosted by Rionna Morgan.

Then on Friday, I’ll be joining EZinCrypto and the PageDAO crew for a new installment of Pass the Pen, where participants will be collaborating live on a Wordler story based on that day’s Wordle. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of creativity, and I hope to see you there.

The Bestsellers of Web3 Publishing

Also this week, I released a YouTube and Web3 video on bestselling authors who are releasing blockchain-connected books.

Included in this batch are works by Neil Strauss, Mark Manson, Lars Emmerich, Alan Dean Foster, and Joseph Nassise.


Videos in this series can be viewed or minted as NFTs to help support my ongoing video development efforts. They can be found at

Thanks for watching, thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!

--Greg R. Fishbone, the Mythoversal Cryptoversal

PS: The snapshot I’m conducting for my Year in the Books collection is just days away. A snapshot is a survey of the blockchain that can be used to determine, for example, all the holders of a certain NFT at a specific moment in time in order to provide a bonus or reward.

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