Mytho-Crypto 3.9: Sleep Tight, Vampire Fans

Wow, what a week. Sometimes I feel like there’s too much to do and too many directions all tugging at once. Taking things day by day, I don’t have deadlines so much as obligations. Weekly Mytho-Crypto issues, monthly LitSpace sections in Vagobond Magazine, videos when I can, and writing when I can fit it in.

I’ve made some ambitious promises, and now I’m going to keep them. One of those is to release NFT editions of some classic books for which I dropped Book Tokens last year in the NFT Bookstore.

The Cryptoversal Dracula

I love Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The book’s presentation is absolutely unique, the suspense is incredible, and the lore is a rich blend of folklore and invention that modern readers often take for granted.

Stoker was a forward-thinking genius who incorporated all media available to him in service of a single narrative that incorporated letters, telegrams, journals, newspaper clippings, and even early sound recordings. He wrote at the cutting edge of late 19th Century tech, and it’s easy for me to imagine he would have added generative AI artwork and smart contracts if he were publishing today.

There are many editions of Dracula out in the world already, even some on the blockchain. I own one on MoonRiver and know of one on Cardano. So the challenge for a Cryptoversal Dracula is not for it to be the first, but for it to be unique and special, while also establishing the form and format of upcoming titles in an ongoing series.

Meant to be looked at, this book will include beautifully rendered illustrations. Meant to be read, it will be laid out for an optimal reading experience. Meant to be collected and owned, it will have to be engineered to be a durable and ever-accessible heirloom for generations.

And since it’s from me, there will be a bit of whimsy in the illustrations.

The Cryptoversal Dracula will be the first of many masterpieces under the Cryptoversal Books imprint. The first edition, a super-rare five-copy Book Token edition, will not be sold but can be earned.

Write to Earn

Last year, through the Lucky’s Literary Collection at the NFT Bookstore, I issued five Dracula Tokens. Three have been claimed. Two remain.

They can’t be bought. They are reserved for contributors to the “Be a Wordler” anthology of Wordler Village.

Ask me about it on the Discord or wherever Cryptovesal authors can be found.

Syndicated Content

Next week, remind me to tell you about the time I accidentally invented NFT book syndication. This week, check out the newest issue of Vagobond Magazine with the LitSpace section I edited on Literary NFTs.


Pick up a copy of your own in the PageDAO collection, in the Readl Bookstore, on Wax, or for your Kindle if you must.

Follow me on Twitter or join my Discord to further the discussions.

--The Mythoversal Cryptoversal

Ongoing Projects

  • The Cryptoversal Dracula - Three Book Tokens claimed through the Write to Earn program with two remaining.

  • Cryptoversal Video - Do you have an idea for a video on the Web3 publishing space? Let me know or pitch in to write a script.

  • News and reviews about Web3 publishing will be included in the LitSpace section of Vagobond Magazine.

  • Wordler Village? Yes, Wordler Village will be breaking new ground this summer. Look for sample chapters of the upcoming Samhain book in the Ink Block Literary NFT Sampler from Darkblock, the access protocol I’ll be using to gate the book’s content.

  • Did you miss the February snapshot for the Year in the Books collection? It’s still minting, and March’s snapshot has been set.

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