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Cryptoversal is back-to-school you on a Web3 lifestyle zine

The Back-to-School-You series will feature Web3 literary projects you can discover, learn from, and often even participate in. These new-media experiments use emerging technologies to push the boundaries of how creative works can be made, distributed, and enjoyed. They tend to incorporate a social aspect, a gamified experience, or collectible appeal to enhance their creative aspects.

I’ll be focusing on projects I’ve been personally involved with over the past three years. We open the month with Vagobond Magazine, a Web3 lifestyle periodical, encompassing travel, fashion, and literature that's dropping a new issue today.

Vagobond Magazine

Collectible Tarot-Style Card #1

What is it?

Vagobond Magazine was one of the first zines to release in an NFT format, and is enjoying the longest run of any Web3 periodical I’m aware of. The September 2023 issue is available on multiple blockchains and as a Kindle-friendly e-magazine format.

VM is an outlet for Web3 thought-leaders who are knowledgeable, passionate, and eager to share their enthusiasm with the world. The focus is on creativity, technology, and culture. On staff are C.D. Damitio, Rionna Morgan, Edward Carpenter, and Quanta, all of whom are legends in the field.

And then there’s me, serving as your humble Literary Editor.

Where can I find it?

The Vagobond Magazine website has links to Web3 and traditional formats.

While some formats can be read for free, purchasing a copy supports the magazine and adds flair to any web3 literary bookshelf.

How can I get involved?

Opportunities for community involvement include proposing articles, submitting reviews of Web3 media, assisting with layout and artwork, or applying to be an editorial intern. Lately, the magazine has been hosting weekly spaces on Mondays where open participation is encouraged. A community Discord server is also in the works.

You've Been Schooled on...

Vagobond Magazine, a Web3 lifestyle magazine released for Kindle and as an NFT through the PageDAO and Readl platforms on the Polygon PoS blockchain and through Objkt on the Tezos blockchain.

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