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Web3 Writers Hour

Shall we talk about writing a novel with AI?

Web3 Writers Hour

Quick updates this week. The first is a reminder that you can find me most Tuesdays co-hosting the Web3 Writers Hour, a live chat on the intersection of writing and technology. My other co-hosts are Chris “CD” Damitio and Edward Carpenter but the stage is always open for writers to talk about their own journeys, projects, and discoveries.

Join us on Twitter Spaces at 2PM ET (18:00 UTC).

One thing we can talk about is...

Writing with AI

If you’re an author who uses a grammar-check app or conducts research on an Internet search engine, you may already be using AI to assist in your writing. If you’re submitting your work to a publisher, the first gatekeeper you encounter may be an AI. And when readers browse in an online store that uses algorithmic recommendations and reviews, AI may determine whether your book gets placed in front of them or not.

With AI increasingly reshaping the publishing industry, there are many issues to be aware of. I’m preparing an essay about writing a novel with AI, including best practices for works of AI authorship, works of human/AI collaboration, and works of human authorship using AI as a tool.

In my own somewhat limited experience using AI text generators, the output of current LLMs is not suitable for fiction, even with extensive prompting. I asked folks for their opinions and received some thoughtful responses.

What has been your experience? Let me know.

Call for Submissions

The Cryptoversal Books call for manuscript submissions is open during the month of July. You will need a Manuscript Submission Ticket, which is free on our Cent Page. The ticket comes with a subscription to the Cryptoversal Newsletter, which is also free.

Guidelines for the current round of submissions are available, including a strict no-AI policy. We’re looking for works written by humans for humans.

Vagobond Magazine

Look for Vagobond Magazine to come out of its summer hiatus for an August issue. I have some cool tech and market news to share with you in the literary section.

I hope to see you at the Web3 Writers Hour and on the Cryptoversal Books Discord. If you are a collector of Web3 writing or just want to support the work we're doing, these newsletter issues are available as collectibles on Paragraph with a very limited edition.

Good luck in your writing and happy reading.


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