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The Consumer Crypto Apps-Infrastructure Cycle

Study Zora

We’re currently at an inflection point where crypto is no longer solely about financialization, but rather a broader idea of how we reimagine consumer experiences.

Zora is a prime example of how consumer crypto apps inspire infrastructure, and how infrastructure advancements enable new app innovations.

Various Iterations of Zora

Initially, Zora was an NFT marketplace on Ethereum Mainnet focused on 1/1 NFT auctions.

Later, Zora introduced Zora Network that brought down gas fees for anyone to create and collect NFTs.

Now Zora is evolving into a mobile onchain social network that allows anyone to create for free and creators, referrers, curators, and first minters to earn a revenue share on free mints via Protocol Rewards.

The Apps-Infrastructure Cycle

Each time the apps-infrastructure cycle repeats, new app innovations are made possible because of the infrastructure that was built before.

With more infrastructure advancements enabling new types of onchain experiments and business models like Zora’s, consumer crypto is poised for a major breakout this year.

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