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The Flippening to Onchain Social

The Flippening

The flippening to onchain social is happening on Base:

- social feed for onchain media 

- mint your memories

- tokenize your time

- expert/influencer marketplace

- token-gated alpha chats

- bet on your favorite builders

- surf the onchain world natively

- see what people are doing onchain

- social commerce + creator IP rights

- monetize your following

- launch a tokenized song

- earn rewards as a football fan

- own your favorite podcast

- livestream and chat onchain

- decentralized social network with mini-apps

- onchain short form video platform

- create and connect onchain

- discover what’s trending onchain

- proof of taste social network

- tells you everything your wallet can do

The Time Is Now

The time is now – we are bringing the world onchain.

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