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Artist feature issue #2 by @cybershakti

Welcome to the 2nd feature of Haus Of Shakti > Zine.

You can check up on all the artists on the re-curated line up HERE. Also read-up the 1st issue on Ras Alhague HERE.

What a ride this week has been, the world has overnight starting following what’s happening with the Sotheby’s GLITCH: Beyond Binary’s re-curated line up!

Curated by Dawnia Darkstone & Dina Chang.

In this issue, we will meet another amazing artist that should be on your Glitch Radar >>>

<< Wondermundo >>

Where to find them? Twitter // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

“As a first-generation Mexican-American multimedia artist, Wondermundo navigates her own vulnerability and healing through her art, employing a unique blend of glitch, trash, and AI elements to delve into deeply personal experiences. Her journey of self-discovery has led her to significant artistic achievements, including exhibitions at renowned events like Art Basel and SXSW”

When did you start making art?

Wondermundo: I’ve been making art since as long as I can remember. I spent the last 29 years making corporate content and rediscovered art for myself in 2021.

Glitchy Tales by Wondermundo

What drove you to Glitch Art?

Wondermundo: I absolutely love the look and whole aesthetic behind it. I also love the idea that beauty lies in the glitch. Glitches don’t always break something, they add complexity and can be the source of beauty.


Beauty Cycle by Wondermundo

How has Glitch changed your life?

Wondermundo: First I’d say being embraced by the glitch community has changed my life. Artists are so welcoming and eager to share techniques. Glitch art has also been an avenue for me using my art along healing (from trauma) journey.

Daily wonder 99 by Wondermundo

When did you first start making NFTs?

Wondermundo: I started making NFTs in 2021.

On gender bias in NFTs & art world…

Wondermundo: In every industry women make less than men and that’s just facts.

They have found their strongest allies in Artists & Glitch Art Communities.

About their Sotheby’s work on Auction >>>

Uncaged by Wondermundo

“The open sky above, filled with birds in flight, symbolizes the boundless possibilities and newfound freedom that result from embracing one's own liberation. These soaring creatures mirror the glitchy animation, reinforcing the themes of disruption and transformation that permeate the piece. In acknowledging those still confined within their cages, "Uncaged" extends an invitation to others to embark on their own paths towards emancipation. The juxtaposition of hope and despair within the artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the contrasting experiences that define the human condition” ~ Dawnia Darkstone


More about their Sotheby’s work >>>

Hope you found this peice insighful into learning more about the artist! >>

Coming up in the next edition : Draincain, Marta Timmer & Sky Goodman! >>>

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