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**I made a collective list of all the Re-curated artists’s in Sotheby’s Glitch: Beyond Binary’s -→ Twitter & Tezos links SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO! **

In this piece, you are going to find about the artists, 1 work each of theirs curated by me & where to find them + link to their work about to be auctioned at Sotheby’s!

Here is the LINK to official auction at Sotheby’s that has the complete line up (Initial curation + new & awesome glitch legends you probably should have known like Yesterday)

Sotheby's auctions are significant milestones in the artistic journeys of many artists, providing them with a platform for recognition and exposure to a wider audience. Celebrating the achievements of women and non-binary artists during these events is essential, not solely based on their gender or identity, but also because their contributions to the artistic community are brilliant and inspiring. Their works have enriched and inspired the entire community beyond numbers, making their spotlighting a much-needed occasion.

I'm overwhelmed by how this community is stepping up for each other during the highs and lows of this historic exhibit. Everyone is contributing their part in making someone's life better, and I'm inspired to do the same. Therefore, I've decided to contribute my 2 bytes/gwei/matic/tezos to this cause, joining others in making a positive impact and supporting the artistic community.

Beyond Binary is a re-curated Glitch art exhibition and auction at Sotheby's, co-curated by Dawnia Darkstone, also known as the GLITCH BIBLE - a trailblazer for the glitch art form in its truest form, not limited to the interpretation of it as it was in the previous lineup. Alongside her is Dina Chang, another highly accomplished artist and co-curator of the show. The exhibition highlights the works of these brilliant artists and provides a platform for recognition and exposure to a wider audience.

(Full disclosure, I am also one of the artists in the list)

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In no particular order, presenting the ALL STARS of the Glitch: Beyond Binary re-curated exhibit.

1 ) Sky Goodman

“Sky Goodman is a multimedia artist, poet, and educator living in Chicago, IL. Sky creates dream-scapes with virtual reality, code, and 3D software. Their work revolves around the use of emergent and obsolete technology, which allows them to create a unique and magical aesthetic”

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

2) Empress Trash

EmbarA$$ment of Riche$ by Empress Trash

“As a process orientated artist, Empress embraces abstraction, surrealism, trash, glitch art, and AI. She utilizes radical expressionism and self-acceptance to further her journey of self discovery. She believes in peeling back the veneer of reality to allow for exploration of the subconscious meta connections between the emotional, physical, mental, sexual and spiritual realms”

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

3) Drain

O_D_Phased by Drain

“Through his inspiring collages of glitch art techniques, Adrian Cain interprets the human body’s digital aspect in re-interpreted raw and compressed formats. Driven by a passion for the unconventional, drain’s work combines vivid colors, discursive patterns, and intricate textures.Widely appreciated for his sonification finesse, he now creates multi-layered compositions involving everything that the glitch art community has to share”

Where to find them? Twitter // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

4) Wondermundo

Day 1 Sketch this is you by Wondermundo

“As a first-generation Mexican-American multimedia artist, Wondermundo navigates her own vulnerability and healing through her art, employing a unique blend of glitch, trash, and AI elements to delve into deeply personal experiences. Her journey of self-discovery has led her to significant artistic achievements, including exhibitions at renowned events like Art Basel and SXSW”

Where to find them? Twitter // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

5) jrdsctt


“jrdsctt is a digital artist currently living and working out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and originally from Minnesapolis, Minnesota. He received his bachelors of fine art in digital art & photography from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 2012. He has been working as a freelance digital artist/graphic designer since 2016 and began minting and selling NFTs in early 2019. His main areas of focus are glitch art, A.I. art, digital art, dark art, and photography”

Where to find them? Twitter // Tezos works // Website// Sotheby’s piece

6) Micah Alhadeff

Shift.png by Micah Alhadeff

Micah Alhadeff is a digital artist whose work uses 3D programming and glitch processing techniques to explore the digital body, ideas of queerness, and the limits of fantasy. He is an MFA candidate in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University in New York. He holds a BA in Art History and a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University.

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

7) Sabato Visconti

Please buy a paper from the paper by Sabato

Sabato Visconti is a Brazilian new media artist and photographer based in Western Massachusetts whose work centers around glitch and post- photography. Sabato began experimenting with glitch in 2011 by databending the source code of photographic image formats. Since these initial experiments, their work has sought to interrogate the materiality and asymmetries of both obsolete and emerging imaging practices as they become absorbed by digital processes, online networks, and machine intelligence.

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

8) Marta Timmer

The Oracle by Marta Timmer

Marta Timmer is a Polish-Canadian visual artist creating work at the intersection of glitch, collage, and photography. Marta’s work explores themes of memory, beauty, decay, and emotion, aiming to capture the elusive energies that lie beyond human perception.

Where to find them? Twitter // Website // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

9) Cyber Shakti

Not in the picture by Cyber Shakti

“Cyber Shakti is a glitch artist based in India with a creative journey spanning various mediums, including photography, collages, painting, video animations, and more. She explores the intersection of her meditative state and pixels, creating a fusion of spiritual energy and glitch art. Although glitch is inherently erroneous, broken or faulty, she uses glitch tools, apps, filters, and more, to create works that are so vibrant that you forget they were broken in the first place”

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

10) Dawnia Darkstone

That Magic Moment by LetsGlitchIt aka Dawnia Darkstone

“Dawnia Darkstone, AKA Letsglitchit (she/they) has been at the forefront of brute force, non-coding based glitch art for close to 10 years. She is co-administrator of Glitch Artists Collective and affiliated groups on Facebook and has been exhibited in London, Paris, Zagreb, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and her novel work with sonification has been featured in Vice Magazine. She has garnered a certain amount of esteem in the glitch art community for her contribution of her notes and techniques which can be found here, in the occasional workshop, and even on her Discord server

Where to find them? Twitter // website // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

11) Katherina “Kate the Cursed” Jesek

Low water, no signal by Kate the Cursed

“Katherina “Kate the Cursed” Jesek (b. 1999) is a mixed media glitch artist from New York. Their artwork focuses on authentic, outdated display technology and cyberpunk themes. They’ve been publishing glitch art on the internet under the name Kate the Cursed since August 2019. In short, y2k baby making analog/digital cyberpunk art by mixing 80s/90s tech with 2020s computers”  

Where to find them? Twitter // website // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

12) Rosa Mǝnkmɐn

Still from "Vernacular of file formats" by Rosa Menkman

“Rosa Menkman is a Dutch artist and researcher. Her work focuses on noise artifacts that result from accidents in both analogue and digital media. These artifacts can offer precious insights into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardisation and resolution setting”

Where to find them? Twitter // website // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

13) Ras Alhague

Formless Identities by Ras Alhague

Ras Alhague is a Polish digital artist and photographer whose work explores the themes of sexuality, gender, and identity through the use of self-portraiture and glitch aesthetics. They refer to their artistic approach as "post-fetish," reflecting their interest in exploring the complex and often fraught relationships between power and desire.

Where to find them? Twitter // Website // Instagram // Sotheby’s piece

14) 𝘵𝘶.𝘶𝘬'𝘻

The Isolation by Tuukz

Tù.úk’z is Arthur Machado, a 30 years old Brazilian. Father and Husband. Born in the Eastern Amazon but currently living in the south of Brazil. Experimenting with digital art and using tools in curious, non-conventional ways since 2012. Lived as a digital nomad by traveling around Europe with only a computer in 2015, exchanging art for food and housing. Incorporating A.I. into my art practice since 2018. His main techniques, styles and methods evolves around glitch art, internet and post-internet art, digital collage, paintings and A.I. Exhibited worldwide in more than 20+ countries.

Where to find them? Twitter // Linktree // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

15) Ina Vare

Travelling Banana by Ina Vare

INA VARE is Latvian glitch and analog video artist. Her signature style has developed through her deep understanding of digital, VHS and circuit-bending tools and processes. By experimenting with retro-analog video aesthetics INA re-creates a nostalgic visual experience which reflects the depths of noise, error, and glitch. Her artistic narrative is balanced between sentimental and deeply personal matters ranging from complete abstraction through to parody and the grotesque. 

Where to find them? Twitter // Website // Tezos works // Sotheby’s piece

And with that, it’s a wrap! The Sotheby’s auctions being from 19th till the 26th!

Follow us all on our social media, talk about us, pick up our NFTs, champion us, talk to your collector friends about us.

**<Banner image by JRDSCTT**>

Upcoming next: Detailed write-ups about the each of these artists, with a closer look at their journeys.

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