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Nintendo Live, FFXVI State of Play, Tears of the Kingdom's Final Trailer πŸ’§

The latest events, news, and rumors in gaming for April 14, 2023.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Releases its Final Trailer

The final trailer for TLOZ: Tears of the Kingdom has finally been released with about a month until the game's release on May 12th. This trailer showcases more than we've ever seen before.

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Final Fantasy XVI

A full presentation on the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI, has been released with an in-depth State of Play presentation that goes into the lore, world, combat system, and more.

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Nintendo Announces Nintendo Live

Following the cancellation of E3 after the biggest companies in gaming have dropped out of the event, Nintendo announces their own in-person event, Nintendo Live, held this September in Seattle, WA.

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is Online!

The Mega Man Battle Network legacy Collection is online! The collection comes with 10 games spanning across the entire mainline entries in the MMBN series, and also allows online netbattles with other net operators playing on the same system.

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The Super Mario Movie Can Become the Highest Grossing Video Game Film to Date

The movie has made nearly $430m after being in theatres for a little over a week, and just needs about $20m more to take the top-ranking spot from PokΓ©mon's Detective Pikachu movie, which has made $450m since its release in 2019.

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Word on the Street

The latest rumors in gaming is that GameCube remasters are coming to the Nintendo Switch. One of which is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. This makes sense after the large success of Metroid Prime being remastered for the Switch, but only time will tell if the rumor is true or paper thin.

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