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Microsoft Handheld Device, Razer in Web3, and Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio Leaks 📻

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Microsoft Considers Developing Handheld Gaming Device with Windows Gaming Mode

Microsoft is reportedly considering the development of a handheld gaming device that could potentially compete with Valve's Steam Deck. The device would reportedly run on Windows and have a dedicated gaming mode, allowing users to play their PC games on-the-go.

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Game Over for Zelda Multiplayer Mod

The Zelda Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod that captured the hearts of gamers has been shut down due to legal issues. It's a crushing blow to the community, but sadly not unexpected in today's world of copyright law.

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Razer Launches Web3.0 Venture Fund for Blockchain Gaming Startups

Gaming tech company Razer announces the launch of its Web3 Venture Fund, aimed at supporting startups focused on blockchain, NFTs, and other web3 technologies in the gaming industry. This move is set to further solidify Razer's position as a leading innovator in the gaming world.

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Word on the Street

The latest rumors in gaming is that some popular SEGA games from the past are getting remakes: particularly Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio.

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