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A weekly list of specific roles being sought after by companies in our Collective.

March 8th 2023

Welcome back for another Weekly Bounty Positions article, where we list positions that are currently being sought after by the companies subscribed to our Collective on Pallet. If you are a part of our Talent Collective and meet the criteria or appear qualified for a position by one of these or the many other companies subscribed to our collective, they will personally reach out to you to fill the role that they need.

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This week we have the following roles and positions at the following companies:

Rocketplace - @rocketplace - https://rocketplace.com/

  • Position: Engineer

  • Experience: Senior

  • Location: San Francisco/Bay Area

  • Funding: Backed by Launchpad Capital

Llama - @llama - https://llama.xyz/

  • Position: Front-end Engineer

  • Experience: Senior

  • Location: New York

Station - @0xstation - https://www.station.express/

  • Position(s): Full Stack Engineer

  • Experience: Senior

  • Location(s): Remote

  • Funding: Backed by Union Square Ventures

Collab.Land - @Collab_Land_ - https://www.collab.land/

  • Position: Senior Engineer, and COO

  • Location(s): Remote (Global)

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