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Weekly Update - 12/11/2023

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week


  • Over a week ago, LiveFast made a pitch to BanklessDAO

  • To show the seriousness of this offer, Bushi and LiveFast, have authored DpIP - 3, which is a proposal to allocate up to half of the DAOpunks treasury towards services the merging and integration of BanklessDAO into DAOpunks. You can read the proposal here.

  • LiveFast also put up another proposal, DpIP - 2, towards establishing voting/governance rights for the owners of NFTs in the I AM A collection. You can read the proposal here and read the amendment to the Interim Governance Framework here

  • For those who have minted an I AM A SSC, Creative, and/or Crypto Native, you have 45 days from the close of the Mint (December 15th, 2023) to follow the instructions to redeem your T-Shirt. Instructions are pinned in #🤖iama-general channel of discord.

  • cohort_4 is looking to have the application portal open in January 2024.

  • We also have merch from our I AM A project currently available in our store!

Job Board and Talent Collective - Pallet

  • We currently have 98 members in our Talent Collective and have 25 jobs posted to our Job Board.

  • Find more about our Talent Collective and our Job Board by visiting our Pallet.

Are you looking for work in Web3? Do you have a specific set of skills that may be desirable by companies, organizations, and other DAOs? Whether you are passively, actively, or just window-shopping opportunities or jobs, consider joining our Talent Collective .

Together, we can and will find the freedom that Web3 offers

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