Weekly Update - 6/10/2022

Weekly Update - 6/10/2022

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week.


  • cohort_0 is currently in their third week. Check out their progress in the #💰grants-cohort-0 channel

  • Coordinape round for cohort_0 starts on June 13th, and we are still collecting your ETH address in order for DAOpunk holders to participate. Drop your ETH address in #📋cohortinape-sign-up channel

    • This collection of ETH address is currently the primary means for Coordinape; however LiveFast9986 is currently pursuing means of collecting the ETH address of all DAOpunk NFT holders from the smart contract as a back-up.

  • Expect details about how to vote in the Coordinape to be announced in the coming days.

  • The collaboration between DAOpunks and Dream DAO has reverted back to the workshopping phase due to concerns of our community members. Check out the discussion in #🗣polls-discussion

  • Talks about Governance have been reignited, with meetings potentially resuming biweekly on Tuesdays. Check the #📅calendar for an official date and time.

  • Copyright and Ownership of DAOpunks NFTs - talks are underway in #🤖daopunks-general about whether to adopt models similar to Yuga Labs (Bored Ape Yacht Club), RTFKT (CloneX), or use CC0 with respect our DAOpunks NFTs. Expect more details to come in the coming days.

Job Postings - #💪jobs

  • NEW - Opolis - Full-Stack Developer / Dev Ops

  • (Posted Last Week) Movement DAO - Marketing

  • (Posted Last Week) Movement DAO - Business Development

  • (Posted Last Week) Movement DAO - Communications & Community Management

  • (Posted Last Week) Movement DAO - Technical Development

See #💪jobs channel for additional information

Notable Dates and Events

For cohort_0:

  • June 13th - Coordinape Process Begins

  • July 4th - Coordinape Closes, and end of cohort_0

Suggestions & Feedback

Do you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in these weekly update? Contact LiveFast9986.eth

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