Weekly Update - 6/17/2022

Weekly Update - 6/17/2022

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week.


  • cohort_0 is currently in their fourth week. Check out their progress in the #đź’°grants-cohort-0 channel.

  • Coordinape round for cohort_0 has started. Visit https://app.coordinape.com/ in order to allocate your DPGIVE to the grantees. See below for additional details.

  • An AMA/Check-in with cohort_0 will be hosted by Livefast9986 on Wednesday, June 22 at 12pm PDT. RSVP in #đź“…calendar.

  • The POAP for voting in the cohort_0 Snapshot is available to be claimed: https://snapshot.org/#/daopunks.eth/proposal/0x57575803976d50579540462c6be6dc64638ed93a024a69666b48d23261a6b002

  • The ratified Grants Framework specifies that there needs to be a Snapshot to confirm the results of the Coordinape. As such, a Snapshot will be posted and be available for seven days to confirm the results and distribution of the remaining ETH to the cohorts based on Coordinape.

  • There will be a revision to the ratified Grants Framework prior to cohort_1 to change the mechanics of the second distribution to grantees.

  • Governance meetings resumed and work has begun to finish a better governance framework for DAOpunks. Additionally, the meeting time has changed. Check the #đź“…calendar for the new date and time.

  • Copyright and ownership of DAOpunks NFTs - talks continue in **

🤖daopunks-general**. LiveFast9986 has created a table to help explain the differences between the three choices.

  • Notes from LiveFast9986 about this:

    • CC0 Notes:

      • Allows for anyone to use the DAOpunks image for any purposes.

    • RTFKT Notes:

      • Allows for personal use if you are the holder of an NFT.

      • Does not freely allow for commercial use of the NFT. An NFT holder must apply for a commercial use license, which the community will review and approve. This allows for DAOpunks to be used in a manner aligned with our ethos/mission.

    • Yuga Labs Notes:

      • Allows for both personal and commercial use of their NFT.

      • Can potentially drive up the value of individual NFTs and/or the collection in its entirety.

      • People who use their DAOpunk for commercial use is advertising our collection, thus drawing attention to our community.

      • Owners of the NFT can use their DAOpunk for commercial reasons that do not align with our ethos/mission.

cohort_0 Coordinape Round Announcement

When allocating your DPGIVE tokens, we ask that you bear the following in mind:

  • It is expected that the community reward all participants for their efforts; however, the community is allowed to allocate tokens as they see fit. Using Coordinape for this process was designed as an anti-rug mechanism as well as a means of providing feedback. As long as grantees remain engaged with our community and are making progress towards their goals, we are hopeful that the distribution is fairly even. We encourage everyone to leave a comment/reason when not distributing their tokens evenly.

  • At the end of the Coordinape (on July 4th), each of the grantees will receive a percentage of the remaining ETH for this cohort round based upon the distribution of the DPGIVE tokens assigned to each of the cohorts.

  • Allocations can be changed at any point throughout this three-week long period.

  • Read and/or ask questions in #đź’°grants-cohort-0 and make a determination if the cohort followed through on their goals and / or progress that they had set out at the beginning of cohort_0.

It is generally recommended and advised that if each of the cohorts did indeed meet their goals for this cohort round, then an even distribution of DPGIVE tokens is appropriate.

Job Postings - #đź’Şjobs

  • (Posted last week) - Opolis - Full-Stack Developer / Dev Ops

  • (Posted two weeks ago) Movement DAO - Marketing

  • (Posted two weeks ago) Movement DAO - Business Development

  • (Posted two weeks ago) Movement DAO - Communications & Community Management

  • (Posted two weeks ago) Movement DAO - Technical Development

See #đź’Şjobs channel for additional information

Notable Dates and Events

For cohort_0:

  • July 4th - Coordinape Closes, and end of cohort_0

  • July 4th/5th - Snapshot to ratify the resulsts of cohort_0 Coordinape

  • July 11th/12th - Snapshot Closes

Suggestions & Feedback

Do you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in these weekly update? Contact LiveFast9986.eth

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