Weekly Update - 8/4/2023

Here is an update of the events that have transpired this week


  • The first blog posts from @OrnellaWeb3, @d0wnlore and @Allyn Bryce were submitted. Read all about them below.

  • The I AM A ANON -Ayla Open Edition has ended. You have until 11:59pm Pacific on August 21st 2023 (which is 30 days from the close of the mint) to redeem your free t-shirt.

  • Each wallet that minted at least one ANON is eligible to receive a free I AM A DAOPunk ANON t-shirt (shipping not included). Find all the details on how to claim the shirt in our IAMA exclusive channel: #🤖iama-general

    • You can also buy the I AM A ANON t-shirt right now in our merch store for $30.

      • Shipping costs has been dramatically reduced as compared to our 1-of-1 shirts.

  • The twitter poll ended. Looks like LiveFast9986 will be busy dropping all three of these next.

  • DAOpunk msjoedor hosted her first Holistic Health and Wellness sessions for the DAOpunk community. You can watch the recording on your Youtube page.

  • LiveFast pitched the idea of creating merch that highlighted each individual punk, similar to the 1-of-1 shirts. The idea was well received, but the leg work to create merch for each individual DAOpunk is cumbersome. Instead, merch will be created for each person that asks for it. Mock-ups will be made and presented soon.

cohort_3 Blog Posts

  • OrnellaWeb3 🏴


    Allyn Bryce (liquidiot)

    DAOpunks & The Aquarius Full Moon: Cultivating Collective Weirdness

    by msjoedor

    Astro Insight

  • As the decentralised world of DAOpunks thrive, the universe seems to be in sync with our mission. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st, 2023, brought with it a wave of eccentric energy, innovation, and a call for collective evolution. Let's dive into what this means for us.

    1. Embracing the Aquarian Rebellion:

    Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and truth, resonates deeply with DAOpunks ethos. Just as Aquarius encourages breaking norms for positive change, our community are at the forefront of revolutionising the digital realm. This period amplifies our rebellious and non-conformist ways, urging us to think beyond the box and embrace the extraordinary.

    1. Collective Evolution:

    The full moon emphasised the importance of community and human connections. As DAOpunks, we thrive on collaboration and interconnectedness. This lunar phase reminds us that when one punk shines brighter, the entire community benefits. Let's harness this energy to foster even stronger bonds, especially within our DAO.

    1. Hyper-connectivity & Grounding:

    While the moon can lead to overstimulation and hyper-connectivity, it's essential for us to stay grounded. As we navigate the fast-paced world of decentralised platforms, taking moments to unplug, reflect, and practice mindfulness will ensure we remain balanced and focused on our goals.

    1. Embrace Your Unique Talents:

    DAOpunks, it's time to recognise and share your individual gifts with our community. Whether you're a coder, artist, strategist, or visionary, your unique talents make our DAO vibrant and dynamic. Trust in your role within the collective and remember that we can achieve greatness together.

    1. Innovate & Celebrate:

    The Aquarius moon encouraged innovation and celebration. As DAOpunks, we're no strangers to pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Let's use this period to brainstorm, ideate, and create groundbreaking projects. And while we're at it, let's celebrate our achievements, big or small, and let our collective star power shine. Conclusion: The Full Moon in Aquarius was more than just an astrological event; it was a cosmic nod to the DAOpunks community. As we harness this energy, let's remember our core values, embrace our eccentricities, and continue to pave the way for a fulfilled future. Here's to cultivating our collective weirdness and making waves in the universe!

    👉🏽Schedule a Coaching Consultation (https://calendly.com/witcheea/15min?month=2023-08)

    👉🏽Book an Oracle Reading (https://forms.gle/SvehJdN3CLWiSGkX7)

  • Note: While astrology offers insights and perspectives, always make decisions based on your own intuition and research. The stars may guide us, but our collective will drives the DAOpunks mission forward.

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  • We currently have 96 members in our Talent Collective and have 25 jobs posted to our Job Board.

  • Find more about our Talent Collective and our Job Board by visiting our Pallet.

Are you looking for work in Web3? Do you have a specific set of skills that may be desirable by companies, organizations, and other DAOs? Whether you are passively, actively, or just window-shopping opportunities or jobs, consider joining our Talent Collective .

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