Commitment reveals an open door to limitless potential.

Relentless candor with compassion feeds loyalty. Being candid is the best medicine to apply while generating fortitude and true ease. It is the blessing that invokes beyond-resilient resolutions and inner freedom.

As you uncover and refine the strength of your decisions:

  • Where does the foundation of your love reside?

  • When does the agency of freedom evolve into fidelity?

Apply these simple questions to each endeavor you embark upon and launch.

If you cannot continue forward – if your dedication will not deepen – there is no value in your actions. Changes must be made. Choose the best outcomes, that generate success for all involved.

On the path of devotion, your desires count first, and matter. But they are not the stopping point.

Selfishness, refusal to execute on desires that explicitly enhance the collective, only depreciates the benefit you're meant to bring to others, and experience in return. When you yolk what brings you joy with how it elevates the circumstances of another, beyond their own self-imposed limitations, you create the formula for enacting daily miracles.


Photo · JR Korpa

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