Your deepest contributions flourish once you refuse to compromise the truth of your natural and unique expression.

Passion springs from ferocious self-acceptance. Unleashed, passion incites the questioning of long-held beliefs and diligent evaluation of your habits.

The manner in which you associate with colleagues, loved ones, and stakeholders will go through defining shifts. Life priorities will always change in proportion to the courage you apply while facing up to what creates stagnation from self-doubt, or what swiftly moves your vision into tangible reality.

Your purpose blooms from what deeply turns you on – at physical, mental, social, emotional and soul levels.

Passion is the inner heat of focus – the refinement of your purpose. It brings uncommon joy and provides potent strength. Passion is your raw, uncorrupted energy, a higher form of play.

It feeds your diligent effort to manifest on good days, and in spite of bad ones. Passion positively directed gives unconditional support and enriched weight to your creations, offering abundant solutions you can source from, and provide generously to others.


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