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Presence is the outward expression of inner ease.

It is your pulse point of joyful gravitas. Where you are still-in-movement, primed to spontaneously shift, maneuver and adjust. Yet, you are calm.

Anxiousness disrupts and defiles presence. Conscious, directed cultivation of peace decimates anxiety.

Presence leads to refined, smoother processes.

You can model the feeling and sensation of it, as an offering to yourself as you prepare for the day, greet your team, as you rest, disarm hostilities, initiate collaborative systems, when you connect with family and beloved community. These are all processes.

Process is a series of steps and actions done in sequential or unique order, toward your chosen outcome. Process is steeped in belief, expectations and assumptions.

It is a subjective realm of practice you design, nurture and destroy. Cyclical, rhythmical and iterative by nature. Just like you!

Process is grounded in decisions. To be fully present – to exude deep presence – is also a decisive act.

Activated presence ensures you are choosing to express – in this moment – from a clear-lit mind, resonant body and a sane, enriched emotional environment. This becomes your root of genuine influence.


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