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The Inner Drop

When you are forced to self-reflect, the cost has been paid through the protocol of direct experience. The peeling off of pretense and assumptive laziness. Social expectations are now irrelevant, and stripped away, after habit-patterns of success or failure have been disrupted.

This is the first of many homecomings. A sliver of first dawn sunlight, the initiatory push to explore your own transformative abyss.

Direct experience is appropriately subjective – extremely personal, uncompromising, immediate. It digs beyond politeness, carrying the nutrients layers deep, beneath the surface of objective reasoning.

There is no hiding from your own body sensing, mind, and emotional responses when met with sudden, unknown variables. You’re called to navigate beyond modeling, forecasting and planning in advance as firm assurance. This sparks improvisation, spacious iridescence, and unconstrained vitality.

Your inner life terrain defines external motives and conditions. The directional perspectives you carry simply blueprint into obstruction, or flow. Obstruction creating numbness, and flow sourcing toward full awareness. Your own unexplored substance as a tempered co-creator begins to be defined – through uniquely open, sharpened moments.


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