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The Shift

Today marks a new pivot point for me.

7 years ago [2015] I started working within tech startups, after having spent time in nonprofits.

Fiercely kind and uncommon [men] software engineers, designers, developers, technical-first leader/founders and CTOs invited me onto their teams – without hesitation.

They valued my stubbornness, genuine care, and intelligent devotion to help them build – no matter how long or short the stint. I focused on learning and refining my skills, gifting good energy and deepening trust between all teammates.

Each position gifted me renewed faith in the artisanal and deeply collaborative energy software engineers and designers embodied. I learned so much from them through observation, direct participation, and osmosis.

While I worked in non-technical roles, and often times on extremely atomic teams, my presence was valued.

I learned that men who are winners in good character and in their professional realms of influence always help others win. This has been my direct experience, within my own family lineage, and at-large in the world.

Today, my pivot is toward pouring back into [uncommon] innovators, software engineers and designers.

If you’re one of the above and have been desiring private, one-to-one coaching specific to enhancing your inner life wellbeing – or toward navigating a sensitive, life transformative challenge – I’m here for you.

You’re the builders, artisans, beyond-the-box imaginators of the tech sector, and hold a nuanced insight into what it is to be an uncommon human being.

Those of you who are deep introverts or highly sensitive [read the awesome research of Dr. Elaine Aron on HSPs] I especially relate to, and welcome working with.

Special note to women: I’m also here for you.

Yet, when honorable men are supported and truly flourishing – we as women – are also covered. This is a cosmic law, and a cornerstone of my personal lifeway that I do not argue over, or will ever compromise.

🔥 We all rise best, together.


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