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Verge Point

Gravity is a sharp and loving enforcer of reality.

It brings uncommon rest, while pushing toward fulfillment. Gravity demands that your most rooted, and often buried, primal powers come to fruition.

Gravity teaches the ability to sustain composure while being turned upside-down, landing awkwardly, struggling to rebound, tentatively tripping, diving awestruck, stumbling backward, or raising yourself up for the first time.

Recognize the gift of multiple fresh starts toward success is the natural order – not confining "failure".

Activating your vital right to become greater than your history, social and familial conditioning, or life circumstances is humbling — the ultimate blessing. Trust that you'll get knocked down. Your purpose is to never let the fall destroy your drive.

Gravity doesn't lie, pamper, or ensnare. It never apologizes for seizing your physical attention, or for jolting you back into full awareness.

Gravity, in truth, is your best friend and sparring partner.

It champions your maneuvers against soul-numbing confinement. Gravity nudges the drive to be cunning (when necessary) and revels in your accomplishment at conquering its parameters.

Gravity glistens on the skin of those who, with focused abandon, choose to propel into its consort's hands, also known as...Space.

The only surety is that you'll land. Where, how, and whom with is up to you.


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