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Who I Am Here For

I am not an executive coach.

I guide, teach, advise, support. Coaching, for me, is an action. A living craft, a form of art, a modality of evolution.

Not a cozy title or, a "nice vibe" moment.

My work cuts to the root of an innovator's spirit, sourcing beyond material drives toward deep flourishing.

There is no external (and sustainable) success without understanding what is preventing your unfoldment, and what is already at your disposal that you refuse to own and use as a superpower.

  • What makes you freeze?

  • What makes you fly?

  • What are you refusing to accept about yourself, or release, so you can soar, enjoying the experience toward fulfillment?

Who are you – uniquely? Underneath all of the assumptions, expectations, and requirements of "leadership"?

Those who I serve do not identify as tech executives.

You exist and operate as tech creators, builders, innovators, connectors, pioneers and forerunners. You execute to elevate and deeply benefit the many with uncommon ideas. Not to jump through (or create more) corporate hoops.

You swim upstream with extreme devotion and love for those you lead, serve, and co-create with.

Transformation is a catchy, trigger word right now.

Yet, true transformation unravels what you've been conditioned to accept as reality. It sheds dead skin, is the energy of unrelenting regeneration, a raw and formidably alchemical process. To really transform means to incite reclamation of your buried power and innate goodness. You will not be the same upon its accomplishment in your life.

Genuine transformation is equally a potent, self-organizing mechanism.

When you choose to transform, it is workable within every area of your existence. It brings mercy and ease amidst formerly challenging situations. You learn to cut the head of your own ego fixations, stories, and the interpersonal b.s. that comes with reliance on external validation, versus self-generating peace and acceptance.

Uncommon innovators don't believe in scarcity of resources when they start the journey of personal transformation.

They don't do cheap, free, or linger in the dead space of "maybe".

They act and know the cost is itself an initiation-balm signaling depth of commitment, time, courage, strategic revelation, diligent exploration and a ferocious, joyful path of evolution. They know the cost signals an intensity of focus, within a seasoned realm of study, execution and practice. The work is in the doing and direct experience, as a first-principle of measurement.

Unusual innovators hunt for deep support. They thrive while working in active partnership with a guide.

They do not rely on DIY applications, or done-for-you programs when called to explore new heights, or to dive deeper into their own soulful, living nature – beyond the realm of average, the seen, or known.

You – the uncommon innovator – are who I am here for.


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