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2023 Has Been Tough - Issue 51

An insight into my 2023 and some more FCancer things

It's difficult not to talk about FCancer, we have worked very hard to deliver a quality and inclusive event. It's an incredible cause (I will talk a bit about what FCancer do today). And it's exciting. Like really exciting. It's an annual event in crypto, too few people get to that point. We should celebrate. I also want to talk about barely keeping my head above water and not having a home for the last 5 months.

The River Tor with Barnstaple in the background. Maybe not the right river, but a river in North Devon, and that's enough for now. This is about a 10 minute walk from where I am staying.

I have shared a lot of my personal story, I like to think it can help others manage some of their concerns. My last 6 months in summary, my flat was sold and I was evicted in February. I stayed with my stepdad and helped him downsize, get rid of lots of mums stuff and organise himself with purchasing a house. I then jumped into a short term room let, in an area I didn't want to be for convenience, that ended up a bit shorter than expected.

That led to 2 and a bit weeks of sofa surfing before being able to rent a room in North Devon. I am insanely grateful to a couple of friends, and some family members for putting up with me. My current room is on a 3 month agreement, with a rolling monthly tenancy after that. This gives me a proper base to look for an actual home. Still rented, but a place I can make mine.

Why haven't I rented a property already, you may ask. Well... Sussex and North Devon are over 4 hours drive time apart. The rental market in the UK is tough right now. Properties are snapped up. I had booked in 11 properties over 4 weekends and only got to see 2 of them, the others had been taken before I could view them. This cost me a lot of time and a fair chunk of money and just wasn't sustainable.

The last 6 months has been tough. I got notice of eviction the week before Christmas. The uncertainty has been a lot. It creates stress and doubt. I haven't had a workspace to call mine since February. I can't tell you how hard that has been. Just being present in this space has been incredibly difficult and draining.

The poem I have share above tries to express some of that emotion. I took a lot of inspiration from people I know and care about deeply when writing this, as well as my personal situation. The message is about fortitude and resilience, as well as the battles we all face along the way. It is raw and hopefully a reminder to stand strong and tall, and true to your values.

I have openly admitted I can't keep on top of all of my commitments, I am very hopeful that begins to change as we move into July. I will be able to schedule my time better, be much more productive with the time I do have and be able to drive forward in some areas I have wanted to for a while. There are things owed, things I owe myself as well as things I owe others. And whilst I don't think I feel burdened by them, they are things I desperately want to do.

Since my partner left me, I have bounced about with some security but no real plan for my own responsibility. Renting a room, or being a joint tenant where I could pay bills in one chunk and not be responsible has been something I have needed but is now something that is inhibiting me. It is time to adult, in more ways than one. And it's more than a little daunting and exciting.

I am in the process of moving my brand into this style, keep an eye out for the changes coming in the next few weeks. Thank you again Cynthia!

I have seen a lot in the NFT space last 2 years (it was July 2021 when I first bought Sorare NFT's) and I believe I have learnt almost as much as I have seen. I have shared a huge amount of my journey, in the hope that I can help others and that maybe they can learn from some of the things I have achieved, or not got right first time.

There is an open source philosophy kicking about the crypto space and that is something I support. We seem to forget all too easy that the vast majority of the planet does not live in the US or Europe. The rest of the world needs a little support to level up, One of my aims is to give people access to the tools they need to achieve their goals.

The biggest learn is no matter how many the best of peoples you meet, there are more selfish people in the crypto space. The culture of the space tells people that self custody means no knowledge sharing, getting robbed is your problem and you deserve what you get. The whole concept of DYOR (Do Your Own Research) is a little absurd to me. That would be like not teaching children languages, maths or sciences.

An open source model, that encourages people to add value rather than placing barriers is something I support and want to deliver. I have some resetting to do to achieve this, but I have every faith I will achieve it. It's difficult to gain support and traction, because people cannot make money from me, or Polygon Alliance, not yet anyways.

Polygon Alliance is hosting our Second Annual FCancer event. FCancer is a charity that is focused on delivering in the moment care and support to Cancer patients and their families. This is care and support that is desperately needed. I have said it before and I will say it again. The messaging delivered by FCancer is so apt and inline with the ethos of what a lot of us want the Web3 space to be.

There is no right way to deal with cancer. It sucks. Sometimes the only thing we want to do is scream F#*! Cancer at the top of our lungs. It doesn't make it better, it doesn't ease the pain or the frustration. It does give a moment of relief. There is a synergy with everyone else that has suffered in that release of anger. It truly is time to say F#*! Cancer and to say it loudly.

We are incredibly excited to host this again, and can't wait to continue growing the reach and impact in the coming years. But before we get too side tracked with next years event, I want to talk to you a little about this years. It's being hosted on 06th July and there are loads of details on the Polygon Alliance website.

There are 3 main events this year. A One of One Charity Auction. The Roll Up Roll up mint and the Rebels With A Cause Mint. All are very exciting and give people a variety of ways to support.

The One of One Auction will be open for 24 hours from 1PM EST on 06th July. Join us for an extraordinary evening as we present the pinnacle of artistic innovation—the highly anticipated 1/1 Art Charity Auction. A heart felt tribute by talented artists encapsulating the theme of Reflections Of Strength.

The Roll Up, Roll Up Mint, minting for 7 $Matic on the Polygon Alliance website. Presenting our marvellous 'Roll-Up, Roll up' mint, we have gamified as far as we can. It is a blind mint of NFT's from the Polygon Ecosystem, featuring some incredible NFT's of differing values. Step right up and roll the dice!

The Rebels with a Cause, minting for 3 $Matic on the Polygon Alliance website is a ground breaking generative art project uniting 13 exceptional artists. Through their unique creativity, these artists have created a meaningful and distinct generative NFT project to support the FCancer cause. The project is hugely emotional and says what we all need to say sometimes.

The poster to support The Rebels With A Cause mint

There are more thoughts to share, about a lot of things, but they will have to wait, there are important things afoot. It's been a busy month, July won't be quieter, but I have down time booked. Golf, a trip, watching some professional golf, family and more. And the Blogcast to sort out, I'm re-recording the broken ones next week.

Thank you for reading today, and any other day. It means a lot to get the support that I do, even though it can be all too easy to lose sight of that at times. And a huge thank you to anyone that bought the FCancer Blog. You have helped contribute 160 $Matic to FCancer. Have a great week, I will catch you next Friday!

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