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A Wedding And a Tux - Issue 65

A weekend away celebrating my sisters wedding

This one will be short and sweet. I am immensely grateful to have been able to play a part in my sisters wedding. The say was amazing on every level. The people were gorgeous, especially the bride and groom. A new name was created and there were a lot of incredibly happy faces (and the odd teary one too). A day to cherish and remember for all involved.

Me in a Tux doing my best James Bond impression. It felt good to be dressed up and I definitely feel like I kept up appearances

I forgot how much preparation there is for a wedding. Even one where you are not the best man but just a family member. I wasn't needed that much before the wedding itself, but I did what I could to help out, and was willing to do more if needed or wanted. However, that is not the preparation I am talking about. A 300 mile drive, getting myself the right clothing and a few other bits as well.

All of it worth it. I went a day earlier that I had to, to reduce the stress of travel. the drive time is just over 5 hours in the best of circumstances and it took me close to 6. I had a pretty good run considering I left later than I wanted, to be fair I had a better run on the way home. There was another momentous occasion on the way. My car (Felicity or Flick for short) passed 100,000 miles, the third car I have taken past 100,000 miles.

Traveling a day early also gave me an opportunity to meet up with Jay. We chatted for a few hours and had lunch. I also met Frederick the Third for the first time and you can see a short clip of us chatting in the post below. Jay and I chatted about everything and nothing, as well as talking seriously about the state of our space and The Squibbles. It was a lot to get through in a few hours and not enough time. It will be continued!

The third car I have taken past 100,000 miles. It's a picture everyone wants, isn't it?

After spending that wonderful time with Jay it was time to head to my sisters. About a 45 min drive, via the Trafford Centre to sort out a last minute tuxedo issue. If you don't tell anyone, I won't and all's well that ends well! After getting to my sisters, we headed to the venue for what I would call a walkthrough rather than a rehearsal. Then back to my sisters for a pre wedding dinner. Then back to the venue where I was staying for 2 nights.

To the wedding day and the weather was as perfect as it could be for an October day. It was bright, sunny and warm once the morning cloud cover/mist had been burnt off. We shared a breakfast and then my sisters and my step mum went off to get ready. There was an errand or two to complete in the morning, and before we knew it, it was time for my dad and I to get ready.

The ceremony wasn't until 14:30, but there was a sister pub across the road and people started to get their from about 12:30. The Groom, his best man and usher arrived around 12:00, looking immaculate. The tuxedo effect was in full flow. The venue had been dressed perfectly, the scene was set and then it was time for the main event. I just had one more main task to complete first.

Colin, Frederick the Third, Jay and me. A lovely photo and I had a brief but interesting chat with Frederick the Third too.

My sister asked me to join her just before she walked down the aisle. A special moment for our family. One I will cherish. Then I walked my step mum up the 'aisle' (or the slightly slippy steps to the decking where the ceremony was) and we took our seats. My younger sister (on that side of my family), the bridesmaid followed and then came my sister, looking radiant, with my dad carrying her train over the October path.

The celebrant celebrated their journey, there was a nice moment as she talked about flying to Paris and a plane flew over. The ceremony was over, we closed the road to throw petals and take photographs. I can't wait to see the professional's photos. And then we all moved inside to enjoy food, speeches, tears and tears. A genuine feeling of happiness was hanging around.

The band was outside after food, half candle lit, half soft outdoor lighting. The decorations were elegant but subtle and the touches on show from my sister and her husband were clever. Umbrellas just in case. A wooden box to write on instead of a wedding book. Deodorant and perfume/aftershave in the bathroom. A number of flat shoes for when the heels were too much.

The day was magical, the bride and groom looked incredible and their friends were the most gorgeous group of people. I will be forever grateful to be included to the extent I was and have the memories I do. They will be held close and dear. And I have photos just in case.

Me dancing and playing with electronic glowsticks, even if this polaroid doesn't show the glow!

I know this blog is late, but that's OK. I had important things to do and if it wasn't, I am not sure I would have I will have another one out this weekend (or Monday). Not sure what about yet but it will all become clear.

It seems Like I have been hovering between 380 & 390 subscribers forever, I do have an NFT planned for when I get to 400, and maybe some promotion would help. Anyways, I appreciate each and everyone of you that reads, shares, comments, supports, stays subscribed. It means a huge amount. Until the weekend

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