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AI - Benefits, Risks and Considerations - Issue 42

My opinions, perspectives and thoughts

This one's about AI. AI creativity, AI benefits, AI risks, my opinions and thoughts about AI. And some AI art. Claimable to people who hold #Brand Davc_s NFT's only, until 12:14PM GMT on the 05th May. You will find this claim embedded below, there is a platform fee to pay of around 1 Matic. I am excited to talk a little more about AI as well as being excited about creating AI artwork with Jounce and releasing it as an NFT. I'm pretty sure there is more to come.

Who doesn't want to see Keisa asleep in a blanket!

I am absolutely fascinated by AI and what AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will look like. It's so incredibly interesting, not only in regards to what happens today but for the future as well. Decisions taken today about AI and AGI could impact humanity for thousands of years. And by a lot of accounts, humanity is still in it's infantile stages. There are potentially trillions of humans to come and by our records, there's barely been billions.

It doesn't matter what decisions we take, how we weight them or what our intentions are. We will not be able to predict all of the outcomes of this technology. There will be impacts that we cannot foresee. I still believe that AI is a net positive for humanity.

The AI cat is out of the bag, or the AI Pandora's Box has been opened and there is no way back now. We have to run with it. Countries and people that sleep on AI, that dither for too long, that run away from it will be left behind.

What's the best thing we can do? I don't know but I have my thoughts. Not everyone will agree with me and that's OK. This is something we hopefully get to work out together. And that's the most important thing for me. That AI tech is not gatekept by wealthy institutions. That anyone can pick it up and play with it. This way humanity as a whole gets to influence the direction of AI. Together we get to decide what values and rules should be made.

I asked Jounce to make my prompt better, then ran that prompt. My prompt was daffodils on a hill in the wind, overlooking water. I think mum would like it, and be horrified by it all at the same time!

Beyond allowing anyone to use the technology, which will allow all of humanity to decide the potential values we lock in to AI, what else do I think we should do? Asking questions is such an important thing. Only be asking questions do we get to potential answers. You can do this in the Web3 space or anywhere else. You should be sharing AI with your family and friends. Explaining the benefits and the use cases, as well as sharing your personal experiences.

But it wont carry much impact some may say. I think those people are wrong. Who knows what someone takes away from a conversation about AI, where their thoughts go or who they speak to about it. To give an example. Jay Stansfield has been able to speak with the developers and team at, because he was willing to ask questions.

Is there anything else? Play with AI. Use it. Think of exciting things to do with it, or mundane things. AI will end up doing a lot of mundane things for humans, that's a given. If you are bored, you can try this, I saw it on a video somewhere, maybe The Mumzels shared it with me... Ask AI to create a prompt from a photo you have taken, then feed the prompt back into the AI generator and see what version of reality AI produces. I think they used mid journey for their example.

Here is an article on Reuters about the open letter written in regards to pausing AI. The letter is worth reading - Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society' | Reuters

Are there any actions I think we should take now? I am not sure I agree with pausing the technology. I think that continues to unfairly advantage people in positions of power. At the same time I am fully aware that there are a lot of risks that come with new technologies and I think governments are underprepared for so many of them. I don't think there is a yes or no answer here and some form of guidance, regulations and rules will be needed.

I think it's important to protect human creativity, discovery, exploration and innovation and I personally believe the best way to do that is with a watermark. It is something the AI art community does very well from my perspective and I think writers could do this better. I also feel a watermark gives people consuming content the tools they need to understand that content and what it means, as well as where it comes from.

The last thing I would encourage you to do is think about AI for yourself. If AI can work well enough within medicine that it could cure hereditory diseases/illnesses then it could probably create hereditory diseases/illnesses. For every positive impact AI can have, the opposite is true. It wont be AI that is malevolent or evil, it will be the people using it, at least until we get to AGI.

Whilst my iPhone camera takes amazing day shots, the night shots aren't quite as good. This fox was about 10 foot from me and very comfortable in my presence. Like I was infringing on it's space!

What do I mean when I say AGI. I mean AI that has human levels of competence at everything it does, from cognitive to physical tasks. For me, this means the field of robotics has a lot of development to make before AGI is possible. I know others feel that AGI comes with AI sentience, I don't, I think AI sentience is a different thing to AGI. Sentience essentially means a sense of self. AGI means it will be able to turn itself on and recreate itself.

Some experts say AGI could be as far away as 50 years from now. I suspect it is much faster. When AGI arrives, the values we have placed on AI will be locked in and very difficult to change. AI will learn from humans, until it surpasses us. You could say humans are AI's parents. It is our job to nurture it, to teach it and most vitally to show it how important humanity is and how highly humans regard human life.

My worst case scenario is if AGI learns to have no regard for humans. That it chooses to make decisions that don't take long term human survival into account. Before I talk about my free mint below, why is this so important now? In less than 6 months Chat GPT went from 0 users to over 100m. That's an insane adoption rate. Make sure you are onboard for the next technological wave.

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Free mint you say? Yep, I do, however there is a fee placed on this mint by the platform (I need to get my own website, so I can use ThirdWeb and you just pay for gas). This one is for people that have collected one of my Brand #Davc_s NFT's. The mint will be open for a week. They have been released alongside this blog. I don't need to justify this decision, but I want to reward the people that have taken time and effort to support me beyond consuming my content. And as much as I greatly appreciate those that do consume said content, I don't charge any money for access to this content.

I want to release some AI collections and have some ideas. Holding my NFT below will get you the opportunity to be involved early in those collections. I intend to start small and am excited to be playing a bit more. AI art generators seem to have caught up with my expectations.

Regarding my first AI artwork, created by/on/with's art generator, I was trying to make a logo. The first image produced was a camera lens, I had asked for photography to be shown, amongst some other things. This was the second image created and although it does not include the wording #Davc_s, it had everything else I asked for, if not the way I expected to see it.

I will be adding more mint's into my blog and from next week I will be adding an NFT weekly that anyone can claim. Occasionally I will run a limited number mint, first come, first serve and I will continue to add mints that are only available to my Brand #Davc_s holders.

AI is a lot. I love it, for all the questions I ask, don't forget that. Thank you for choosing to spend your time reading my blog, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will catch you next Friday.

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