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Algorithms and Branding - Issue 32

It's an interesting game to play

Short and sweet today. Real life caught up with me in a number of ways this week. I want to touch on algorithms, branding, my email's being sent to your junk folder and a reminder to claim your latest free NFT from this blog.

Go check your emails to claim this as an NFT.

Let's get straight into algorithms and branding. I don't chase algorithms anymore for multiple reasons. The main one being I learnt very quickly how quickly they change. What works today may not work tomorrow and when it doesn't work. What do you do? You have to adjust, test, find out what works and hope the algorithm doesn't change again in that time it takes you to figure it all out.

Take Twitter right now. How often has the algorithm changed in the last 6 months? A lot from where I am standing. And from my perspective most changes to any platform will impact the algorithm and maybe even drive changes to the algorithm. I do not have time to chase that. It's time consuming to say the least.

People with a more long term view wont be having a panic because their engagement has dropped or their replies aren't what they were. They may not even suspect an algorithm change. These people have a game plan. And to them it doesn't matter what social media companies do, these people find a way to execute what they want to.

And this brings me to branding. Your brand is key to how you work your Twitter and other social media accounts. The first thing to decide is if you are a business brand or personal brand. Lets take a quick look at business brands first. Do you have a mission statement? Do you have short term, medium term and long term goals? Are they in alignment with your mission statements? How do you deliver that message on socials?

Consistency is key on social medias. Being active regularly is just one part of consistency. Consistency needs to be delivered in the tone of message, the way the messages visually look, with #tags, GIF's and emoji's just to start. Once you have decided the above, are the messages being delivered on social media consistent with your brand.

One example. If your brand is about lifting other people, then those other people need to see that on social media. If they don't, they will start too question if you mean what you say. And this then places the reputation and trust you have worked so hard for on the line. One of my learns, is that I have found out branding is incredibly personal. What works and doesn't work depends on you a lot of the time.

I miss Bideford like crazy. It's only been 2 weeks!

I will add more to branding over the weekend. It has been a crazy week and I have just ran out of time. I have been informed that my emails from Paragraph and my personal email address, have been potentially flagged as spam. Make sure you check your junk and spam folders. There is an email from my personal email in there.

If you find that email, take a moment to check and look at my 4th NFT - Reflection. I am hosting a 30K Twitter Followers Giveaway celebration and you will need to hold one of my NFT's to be eligible to partake. It is time to start gating what I do in some ways. I need to protect me, my sanity and those of you that are interested in supporting me.

Why should you be interested, check the results of the 15K one I hosted last year. I saw some insane stats on Twitter over that weekend and the people involved some fantastic results too. Thank you for reading my short and sweet blog today.

I appreciate the time you willingly give me and hope I add value to your day. Enjoy your weekend, until next Friday.