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January 2023 has been Intense - Issue 29

What a month, an incredible start to the year!

Royal North Devon Golf Course, 4th tee view, was on a walk with my dad, not playing.

It's been mega. So much has happened it almost feels like 2024 and Christmas was a year ago. How is it nearly the end of Jan? The whole Polygon thing has been insane, being unwell did not help me. Then we have had the Polygon Showcase. I have been writing articles and the work that has happened at Polygon Alliance has been insane on reflection. Everything is moving, it's daunting, tough, exciting and fun! I would not have it any other way.

Our community lifting NFTCoinLaundry when he couldn't attend the #PolygonShowcase

Lets start with what I believe is the premier metaverse event for Polygon. It was the 5th outing of the Polygon Showcase, curated and hosted by CreativeOwls, and it was without doubt the best one yet. I have been privileged to have supported this event from the start and this time I was lucky enough to play a role in co-hosting with Fabriannie, Prizem & VDK. I got to question some artists, which I love doing, and I got to talk about CryptoGoonz and Polygon Alliance.

The event consists of artist showcases, sponsor features, panel shows, an incredible Spatial environment and a fantastic place to network. These are not events to be missed. The next Polygon Showcase will be in April, you want to be involved. Trust me. The Spatial environments have gone from being jerky and the avatars having no legs in the first Polygon Showcase to us being able to ride hover boards in this one! We know Spatial has upgrades coming too.

The panel shows focused on AI and Women in Tech. They were both packed full of information and incredible people. Not only did Prizem help out with hosting duties, he recorded the whole event. You can find all the recordings of the event below, uploaded to Prizem's YouTube and time stamped for your convenience. Find out about some new artists/projects or listen to the panel shows.

Recordings of Polygon Showcase 5 by Prizem can be found here

Polygon Alliance in #PolygonShowcase

The community feel of the Polygon Showcase epitomises everything so many people have worked so hard for and it creates results. The numbers are staggering, 300+ artists/creators/projects showcased and over 20,000 unique visits to CreativeOwls Spatial environment. This weekend our community got #PolygonShowcase trending on Twitter. It helped get plenty of first time visitors to the event and it got our community more visibility.

There are some tips and tricks to pushing a tag. It does involve hard work. You have to be vocal and explain the why behind the tag. You have to celebrate and engage with people who use the tag. You have to reply with the tag. You have to encourage others to do the same. You have to press on the tag on Twitter to find the Tweets related to that tag and you have to encourage other to do that too. And when you get it working, you get it noticed.

When we pool our resources, when we work together and when we focus on lifting those around us, we create incredible results. Our community has shown this over and over again. We were the underdogs, we had been since we started. I think we just lost that tag. We are being noticed and more importantly sought out. Organisations are seeking the thoughts of people all around our community. Lots of people have created direct lines of communication with Magic Eden and Polygon. Including Polygon Alliance.

AI Panel Show in the #PolygonShowcase

Polygon. It's a hot topic. I am not going heavy analysis, just sharing some of my feelings. We all know it is exciting, there are feelings of frustration and emotions have been running high in January. Rightly so. This is a passionate industry and we are all entitled to feel, I am a huge advocate of people expressing those feelings too. This is why January has been tough individually.

I feel like I have had to hold a lot of people and entities to account. To tell a lot of people and entities that they need to be better. That you can't just expect, that you need to deliver and that you need to show you deserve the opportunities that may be offered to you. The fact that we are in a position to feel disappointed in Polygon means we are in a privileged position in my opinion. And I do not believe that is a bad thing.

I know different areas of Polygon are reaching out to lots of people for their feedback and they want to hear the whole communities. Polygon Alliance have connected with Polygon and we raised some of our issues and concerns in a meeting. Polygon took it on board and asked what we thought they could do. We suggested s couple of things. Polygon being more visible in the community, easier access to the information, support and technology Polygon offer and recognition for the people who have been building on Polygon.

Polygon then asked for us to collate concerns and questions from the creator community we have built. I believe Polygon are listening. It is on us, now more than ever. I know we have what it takes!

Another view from the walk with dad, this time over Westward Ho!

Polygon Alliance never stops and the speed at which we move seems so slow and fast all at the same time. Some things happen almost overnight and other processes just seem to slot perfectly into place, but some things take far more effort than initially thought. We have our info deck almost ready. I need to ask Jo to make the Roadmap look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. We should have both ready on our website by the end of the month.

We have been working hard on how to maximise partner relationships. We have implemented a process to add your educational content to a library. We have tidied up large chunks of our website. We have started planning our 2023 FCancer charity event. We have implemented one regular Twitter Spaces that will have 2 DeFi and 2 NFT episodes a month. We have implemented some rules around listing Art and/or Projects. All of this has happened in December and January. We have done a lot and we should be proud of it.

After taking a moment to celebrate all the good stuff. We keep moving forward. There is more work to be done to the website. I am meeting with people all the time to push the growth and visibility of our community. Next on our list is a Discord tidy up and implementation of the partner relationship process. I want more Polygon Alliance Spaces and I want people within our community to host regular shows if they are committed. In the mean time expect to see our Twitter account lurking in Spaces.

I am really enjoying trying my hand at more articles. It adds another dynamic to my writing skills and it is a skill learnt in the Twitter trenches. I have worked hard on developing my writing skills, mainly through writing threads, blogs, dabbling in fiction and poetry. I believe it is a natural progression from threads to articles. I am thankful for Twitter, Revue (a platform no longer with us), Blockster and Paragraph. You can see my articles below on my Blockster link. If you are a writer I recommend looking at both Blockster and Paragraph.

I was thinking how to finish this section and I asked myself a question. Why do I enjoy writing? This took a moment to work through. My instant thoughts are because it is in the moment expression. It gives me the opportunity to lay out my thoughts just after I have them. Almost as if I get to deconstruct them as the happen. It allows me to release the intense emotions then and there, and not act upon them. Unless I am using Twitter as my medium that day!

I enjoy the analysis and structure of articles. I enjoy writing out my thoughts and sharing them with you here, in my blog. I love the fictional aspect of writing and am looking forward to getting stuck into some of that for CryptoGoonz and CartridgePunkz this weekend. Poetry and limericks are allowing me to really express the depths of my feelings. I guess you could say I like writing. I think I must be reasonable at it too, I tend to get results from it.

Some recent articles by me - The Polygon NFT Scene & Avatar Inferno - The Next Big Thing?

I will leave you with this incredible sunrise over The Old Bridge in Bideford

It's been as manic as ever and I don't expect 2023 to get any calmer for multiple reasons! The main reason for me is our drive as individuals. What we want to achieve and how we envisage Blockchain Technology changing the world for the better.

If you have a moment, I would appreciate you Tweeting out this article and tagging me in it, it would mean a lot. Have an amazing week, thank you for spending your time with me and I will catch you next Friday.

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